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Pair of coveted quarterbacks commit to KU

Matt Cassel made the Bro bowl last year. Even before being injured this season he was nowhere near the Pro bowl.

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Players welcome Charlie Weis’ idea of discipline

He rates to be a possible NFL defensive end. He had no chance to make it to the league as a RB.

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Players welcome Charlie Weis’ idea of discipline

Toben was recruited to Notre Dame as a defender. In fact every program that wanted him recruited him as a defender. That is the reason he came to Kansas because Mangino was the only one who said he can play offense.

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

He played 11 man. Ransom Kansas. Near my hometown. They did not go eight man till late 80's.

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

Ride it out one more year. As far as recruiting Bilal Marshall the 3 Star dual threat QB has stated that without Turner Gill he will look elsewhere to play. He has had 15 D-1 offers so I imagine if he did not want to come here he would look elsewhere already. Miller and Peirson might transfer out to if Gill is let go. I say ride this out one more year and let TG's 18 red shirt freshmen contribute next year. Of the nine who played as true freshmen this year I gotta say they look fairly decent. Too bad there is no Juniors and Seniors to help the team salidify. Firing Gill is not gonna help anything but have transfer outs and lose some commits.

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

Really fire him? What will be accomplished by doing that? Lets take a deep breath and count our beer pong ball inventory (since I believe Kansas tailgates have more beer pong tables than the entire Big 12 combined) and take a look at the two deep depth chart. Six seniors were listed as starters Saturday. Two on offense and four on defense. Eight true freshmen are listed on the two deep as well as two red shirt freshmen. So In essence we want to fire Turner Gill after not really having a chance with his own recruits. If my math is correct and in a earlier post on a sepearte article it was not. Then this means Turner has nineteen of his recruiting class red shirting this season or as in the case of one, spending time in Colorado with his girlfriend. The rest of this team is left over Mangino's. Yes Mark Mangino who went 1-7 in his last season in Big 12 play and had a 23-41 record overall in Big 12 play in eight seasons at the helm. Thank you by the way for the Orange Bowl run that was quite exciting. No thanks however for leaving nothing in the basket to build with. It's just my hunch but I think its safe to assume Mangino would not be any better record wise in the Big 12 the last two seasons than Turner Gill has.
Lets take a look at the offensive backfield. Pierson and Miller are as quick in the open field as anyone in the Big 12. Bourbon and Sizemore should eventually be able to pound the ball. Jacorey Shepherd looks like a big time playmaker at receiver. Too bad they have left over Manginos type of lineman to block for them. I believe his philosophy was to recurit smaller agile lineman, most who came from High School teams that passed the ball 50 plus times a game and had not ran a run block drill since Pop Warner. Either way Jordon Webb just don't have what it takes at this level to get the ball to the reciever on a consitent basis down the field. I venture a guess that Webb will not make it through the year next year as the starter quite possibly not even the season opener. Rumor has it Micheal Cummings is the real deal at that position and buying time rehabbing the knee and getting stronger hopefully will pay off.
Lets also back up and remember that just days before the season Carl Torbush fell ill with cancer and left this defense to a novice D-Coordinator. Not sure what Torbush could have done with this defense but I would have to think they would have become a stronger unit than they are now. I do remember vast improvement during the last three games of last season on the defensive side of the ball.
I believe you gotta give Turner Gill one more year at least, maybe two. Recruiting is the most important attribute he is bringing to this program. Turner has solid ground to recruit on in the state of Texas and that usually is a good thing in college football. Lets all be patient watch some basketball this winter and have a few beer pong tourneys in our garage and see what happens next fall.

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Matt Tait's football notebook: Darrian Miller has career day

I have both been against Turner Gill and supportive of Turner Gill but I have made up my mind he needs at least one more year. Correct me if Im wrong, of 23 recruits last year 5 are playing and of those five they all are making a impact. That was a top 30 recruiting class btw. Lots of talent that are red-shirting. Twenty-eight freshmen and sophmores listed on two deep including specialits. Probably will not win more than six games next year if things go right anyway and TG probably gives us the best chance. Starting over with a whole new staff won't accomplish much. I will go out on a limb and predict Jordon Webb will not be the starter at QB next season too.

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Are you satisfied with the taste of Lawrence's tap water?

Tastes great. Both the Kaw River and Clinton Lake are good for me.

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Do you drink bottled or tap water more often?

So let me get this straight. Bottled water that sets in a plastic bottle for months on end in a warehouse getting warm and getting cold with all those plastic chemicals leeching into the water is a good thing. I very rarely buy bottled water. If its filtered the filtering system they use is not very good because it tastes like %$C#@

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KDOT approves cable median barriers for two stretches of K-10

Anyone seen the new stretch of 4 Lane 59 HWY that is open? Its as narrow or narrower than K-10. Not to mention alot of I-70 is that way as well.

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