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Candidates talk about jobs, health care, schools and tax cuts

I also watched the forum entirely and thought similarly. How can the democrats running for this seat say something so opposite in premise to the republicans, and then pretend they are going to reach across the isle and some how meet in the middle? This is the most devided I have ever experienced our nation thanks to our great devisive leader. Let's hope the backbone of America decides to stand up and defend the Republic!

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Online petition backs standards-based grades

You better watch out !
You better not speak!
You better not teach-
Anything but S.B.G.
The school board president wants you out
of town!
Dr. Doll will watch you while you're teaching
He knows when you're giving E
He knows who opposes SBG
So only give S for goodness sake!

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First Bell: Lawrence is not alone in grappling with concerns regarding standards-based grades

The board plans to discuss this sometime in January? There goes another semester! What the hell happened to listening to patrons? There are way more people upset about this than there are people who support this. In paticular teachers. There is one school out of the four that has teachers that approve of using this system at the middle level, and some how the administration wants to listen only to them; to only include them in the presentations of how standards are to be used. I'm with you DIST they totally met my expectations of failure to listen and do anything with the information! There are many more communities around the country who are feeling the same frustration as we are. Two school districts have actually listened to the parents and teachers and rolled back to the traditional grade systems. San Mateo California, and Austin Texas.

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First Bell: Standards-based grading holding at sixth-grade level; board president prepares to ‘move on’; teacher describes ‘E’ work

A bully is a person who uses scare tactics to get their way. That is what the administration and Mark Bradford have done. The teachers, while employees trying to do their job in the best way possible, are unable to voice their oppinion of how to fix a very realy problem; a problem they hear about on a daily basis from the parents of their students. They have been told not to speak out and they have seen what happens to the teachers who do! So yes Mark Bradford is most definitly a bully -NOT a good leader!

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Grading issue

Well put Widemere! We do not need SBG to help the failing kids-the teachers already do extra for those children at the middle school level with out the expectation SBG places on them. This all stems from No Child Left Behind which the Government is finally realizing is an impossibility! So why are we using a grading system set up for a failing idea? SBG only gives the false appearance that children are not failing, so that on paper the school districts look like they have high levels of achievement and get their government money. As stated before SBG lacks motivation and does not prepare children for the real world. HoldingOnToHope is Holding on for hope their children will actually get into college with this grading system. Good luck!

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Grading issue

way to go ladies! I hope other parents take the time to look at the information provided here. Is the School Board aware of any of this? Let's hope the upcoming meetings allow for the parents to actually ask some important questions, and get some much needed answers.

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Standards-based grading to face forum

So what you are really saying is you want no grades at all just the percentage, because that is how you make your judgement on how your child is doing. This is exactly what the parents at the meeting were fighting for. They don't care about the standards, or the letter grades just the percentage as a weighted, averaged percent to guide there child to his/her best. Got it?

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