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Efforts to repeal Common Core gain steam in Kansas

Barb I think you might want to do a little research into reqirements for STEM. They will need at a minimum precalculus-for Engineering Calculus I. CC doesn't even get to a full Algebra II class, and just because they are sprinkled into the middle school grades doesn't escape the fact that the Algebra I class was pushed up into 9th crade. Jason Zimba, one of the lead architects of the standards even testified that the standards are "not for STEM"

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Efforts to repeal Common Core gain steam in Kansas

Because the standards push Algebra I into the 9th grade, as opposed to 8th grade where they used to be, this will make it impossible to reach Calculus by senior year. This puts the disadvantaged kids at an even further disadvantage- we will not see the education gap closing with CC standards. It will widen as parents who can pay for tutors or Sylvan will get their kids pushed into advance classes that will hopefully get them college ready, leaving children with a financial disadvantage behind. Calculus must be taken in High School in order to achieve a STEM career, which is what our president is telling us are the 21st century jobs. Rigor is also a misleading statement- the standards in the younger years (3rd grade and below) are actually developmentally inappropriate- meaning they ask children to preform tasks that their brains are not yet developed for. Until age 8 kids brains function concretely-hence the tears at the kitchen table every night doing math homework!

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Letter: School questions

Can we please stick to the topic here? In case you have forgotten the topic is that the district has spent A LOT of money on a very controversial program! I have spoken with teachers about this and they are afraid to speak- two were black balled from the meetings- that is really inclusive! One even said she suggested having a series of successful African Americans come into the school for a series of inspiration speeches on their success and was told that was not the point of this program. So what is the point of this program? It seems to be very devisive which is nothing I want my children to be a part of! We should be using MLK as the role model!

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Letter: School questions

"The other top PEG spenders on the list are Baltimore County Public Schools ($427,000), Lawrence Public Schools in Kansas ($362,750), Talbot County Public Schools in Maryland ($259,100) and the Bellevue School District in Washington ($237,100, including $153,600 in 2014-15)."
Lawrence is spending on par with large metropolitan cities. In time of budget crisis, which is what the district has been complaining about for years, this is not a smart use of tax dollars.

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State Board hears opposition to Common Core Standards

I completely agree with you stacyD this is not a partisan issue. If you did not agree with NCLB then you should not agree with CCSS.

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State Board hears opposition to Common Core Standards

It is not flawed logic to see clearly that the states were coerced into adopting a set of standards that were not even written yet in order to apply for much needed Race to the Top money. Kansas did not end up receiving RTTT money, but they did get a No Child Left Behind waiver which states clearly as one of 4 requirements the need to adopt Common Core Standards.
These documents are very easy to find on the Ed.gov website. Read the memorandum of agreement, the RTTT application, and the NCLB waiver and put it in a time line you will see there was little choice involved. I would hate for you to have to do your OWN research and form your OWN opinion, just continue to read Lawrences editorial paper that feeds you the narrative so you can spew it back word for word.

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Dole tries, fails to persuade Republicans, including Sens. Roberts and Moran, to vote for treaty for disabled

Name calling? That will really get us somewhere! I guess the truth has made you uneasy. Do your homework this bill was great on the surface, but beyond that a nightmare.

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Editorial: Other choices

Well when you live in a bubble you will never see the truth, only what you want to see!

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Editorial: Other choices

Yea Dolph! Yea Dolph! Finally a reason to read the Journal World! I quit taking the paper because I can't take the left leaning journalism. You speak the truth and I really appreciate it!
Go Conservatives!

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Brownback defends tax cuts as necessary to grow the economy

Who would Jesus tax? He would tax Lucifer the very first radical according to Obama's mentor Saul Alinsky. Way to go Judge following the Alinsky rule!

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