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Early 'Birds

oh hey.
lionsrock. you don't know what you are talking about. one of the big reasons we don't have tons of seniors is because every kid interested in playing football gets their parents to move into the freestate district.

and beobachter. don't you dare call these kids cowards and quiters. its not like they aren't trying. they work their butts off everyday at practice and on the field at games. these kids are playing through pain and injuries to be there for their team. they are 0-8. it takes guts to keep putting on a uniform for a team that hasn't won a game. leave these kids alone. they deserve better than to be bashed over message boards.

and for the record. life is not about high school football games. it should be about the kids. not the score at the end of a game.

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Lawrence football drops heartbreaker

"Lawrence High’s football team found a new way to lose a game Friday night."


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