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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

Wow, over the top interpretation of Guth's communication. His tweet, while in poor taste and lacking in judgement appropriate to a person in his position of leadership as an educator is neither actual violent behavior nor to be seen as exhorting others to commit acts of violence. Part of the problem w the language he used was its very ambiguity, allowing allowing others to project onto it their own often erroneous interpretations. You seem to have a pretty big vendetta yourself against this professor, digging up past official incidents of censure....sounds like you've got some horses in this race, given your highly judgemental language.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

not "BABIES" being aborted....stop with the distortions and inflammatory, hysterical language already.

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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

uh, that's pretty much what the composition of the state legislature is, with a few notable exceptions ( meetings with 100 percent of their kind in attendance, that is @osur351).

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State decides not to apply for Race to Top funds

Probably similiar to why the Gov refused to participate in setting up KS-run implementation for the new ACA, letting by default the Feds do it and also turned down Fed $$$ for Medicaid expansion for KS residents who can't afford to pay for ANY insurance (fast food and Walmart workers come to mind). The cover story for all this non-participation in all things Federal gov't is returning the power to the states /anti-big gov't.
The reality is of course they have NO difficulty in legislating incredibly intrusive policies governing the most private parts of our lives. AND it is, of course, poor and middle class KS citizens who bear the onerous results of this ideology by plummeting educational opportunities at all levels in KS and even less access to quality healthcare. Pretty soon we'll all be standing in lines for the couple-day-a-year Big Tent volunteer clinics for healthcare and not even that option for education. Welcome to Third World KS.

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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

@ jane doe, I see in yr comments on other threads what your value system is ..."drinking up and down Massachusetts St".might explain why you might not understand the concerns of people who work in downtown Lawrence in other types of businesses that don't cater to rowdy alcohol drinkers. Your profile statement says your communication specialty is "Snark"....again, explains a lot about your nasty response to my post. Threatening my livlihood by stating you want to slander me and my business about which you know nothing is really creepy.

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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

2 words: "parade permit".

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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

@peachesncream, thanks for yr support, I think?! BTW, I actually liked the music, it's just about location, timing and respect.

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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

I completely agree and I love being a part of it and support that; I have officed downtown for decades; I am simply suggesting in a highly concentrated area with literally hundreds of different kinds of businesses and MANY people, spontaneity has far-reaching and complicated consequences....that is why where lots of people are, civil society mandates respectful consideration for the needs of all involved. "vibrant and entertaining" shouldn't be so intrusive on others that it interferes with their ability to carry on.

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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

great to know YOUR name as well, JANE DOE. There is a great deal more going on in downtown than entertainment...bars and restaurants (that typically are the venue for live entertainment) are but one part of our interesting, multi-faceted downtown and we struggle to encompass all our diversity of products and services. This issue has been the subject of much lively debate over the years by people who support a vital downtown; we all need to be free to do our work, while simultaneously respecting others' rights...I'm happy that our downtown is a regional destination for all kind of events; I just like to know ahead of time when things are happening that are going to impinge on me with traffic gridlock and noise so I can schedule around that. That kind of mutual consideration is what I think makes for TRULY good business practice.

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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

First of all, I find your tone of "love it or leave it; if you don't like it, get the heck out" condescending, polarizing and offensive.I am totally in favor of" vibrant and alive". I had an office in one of your recommended "quiet shopping centers" for a short period of time and found it totally beige, bland and uninspired. This like everything else is not an either/or proposition. Vibrant and alive doesn't have to mean it interferes with others trying to function. When I know ahead of time about noisy events and potential traffic congestion, I plan my work around that. This event was shockingly loud and disruptive; I'm sure I might have appreciated the spontaneity and enthusiasm more if I wasn't trying to work.

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