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Miniature horse makes big impression at area nursing homes

Some nursing homes do have resident pets. I know from visiting Brandon Woods, that at least one of their wings has a cat or two. I think the mini-horse visit is a great idea. Horses are great, and if you can't get a real one in there...

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Town Talk: Site near Wal-Mart being pitched to Lowe's; The Mail Box to close; Census to release data today

I had a great experience with them as well. My mother sent me dozens of large care packages (boxes) when I was in Iraq, and The Mailbox always gave a huge discount to care packages to APO addresses. I always got them fast and in excellent condition after their long journey. I continued to use them to send packages to friends over there when I got back. They did a great job.

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Overbrook's Santa Fe Trail Meats puts other business on hold during rifle season for deer

A good bow hunter only takes a lung shot and drops the deer there. Bow hunting is hard, and it sounds like these hunters who are losing deer should just stick with the rifle. I know several men who bow hunt with a passion, and poor shots from inexperienced hunters that result in animal suffering and wasted deer (coyote food) is a major pet peeve of theirs. Bow hunting is much, much harder than rifle hunting, and it takes patience and dedication.

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One dog dies, another rescued from pond accident on East 1100 Road southwest of Lawrence

Rescues like these allow for training in these conditions, but with lower consequences if anything goes wrong. As much as I love my dog, it's not the same as if it was my child, or another human being. They get to practice an icy water rescue and do something that most compassionate people think is important- rescue a loved pet. And if by chance a person falls through the ice this winter, these professionals will be ready.

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12-year-old Lawrence girl raises money to help kids in need buy Halloween costumes

Good job, Elizabeth. I'm so proud of you for picking something that is so important to little kids, but that is overlooked by the various social services in Lawrence. Costumes are expensive, and all little kids want a "cool" costume for Halloween. Ignore anyone who tells you differently, including any of these posters. Some people always find something to complain about. You did a great thing.
Mrs. B

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Body of missing priest recovered from Topeka-area lake

Not really. It says he was a pastor at an Episcopal church. It's Catholic priests who cannot marry.

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What is your favorite "so bad, it's good" movie?

Corky Romano

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Magazine chooses fashion-forward Lawrence resident as its Lucky girl

Wow Bayhawk, you took the time to post a comment just to be rude. Sounds like she has more going on in her life than you. Congratulations, Katy. It sounds like a really fun opportunity.

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Police stay busy on game night

Just because there were only 2 arrests doesn't mean that the police weren't "busy".

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County: Sheriff's raise not too much

A 365/24/7 job does not mean that you are literally at work during that time, and you know it. I do not know the sheriff, but I have seen him at several social functions, and the man always looks tired. Any problem in the county (including Lawrence which is part of the county) is his problem too, and I am sure he gets calls at all hours of the day. Don't forget that most of these criminals, including those who commit crimes in Lawrence, end up in the county jail awaiting trial and sentencing. And what a bunch of whiners! My teaching salary is low for the value I think my position holds, but that doesn't mean I should begrudge someone else for getting paid well to do what I think is probably a hard, time-consuming job. Wow, this town loves to hate authority.

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