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Reorganization to create 4 new vice provost positions at KU

Did any of you actually read the article or just the headline? Four positions are becoming "unfilled" and 4 new positions are being created. That is a net increase of zero. KU is restructuring not adding position.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback defends closure of Lawrence SRS office; local lawmaker says decision wasn't data driven

Only we the people can change this. Unfortunately, we're stuck with Brownback for a few more years. In the mean time, we can flood his office with phone calls, letters, emails, etc. and respectfully express our dissatisfaction. At the mid-term elections, we can elect legislatures who will stand up to the governor. Then during this last two years in office, he'll at least have to compromise a bit to get things done. Finally, at the next election vote him out!

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Southwest Junior High seventh-grader injured in fall at Clinton Lake

You're correct. The student crawled over the fence at the zoo. He was attacked by the animal because he chose to break the rules. By the way, did you ask school officials what happened on your son's trip or simply take his word for it? If the later, then you comments here have no credibility.

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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to conduct sobriety check lane Saturday night

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are not constitutional rights. That quote is part of the Declaration of Independence. The US Constitution does not grant your children, yourself, or anyone the right to not "be the victim of a foolish drunk behind the wheel." If you'd like to see that added as an amendment, speak to your congresspeople.

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KU School of Music offers deal on tickets

It's not the music department. It's the School of Music.

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Arrested former priest served briefly in Kansas

I thought LJW didn't publish the names of accused sex offenders until they were convicted. What happened to that policy, LJW?

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Out to lunch no more? Board considers closing campuses

This is something that should have happened long ago. Yes, there are other problems related to lunch and nutrition that exist, but this is a step in the right direction. Ms. Loveland got to the heart of the issue--make the change before something tragic happens, not as a response to it.

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District, teachers agree to contract

I've encountered those same people. More education won't make a bad teacher a good teacher; however, it will make a good teacher a better teacher. The same is true of all professions, more pay for more education is not unique to education.

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District, teachers agree to contract

Because that's how the state law is set up. When you work in school district X, have an education of Y, and have Z years of experience, you are at a certain place on the pay grid, and that is the salary you receive. In the state I taught, districts aren't allowed to freeze employees in place on the pay scale. Whether that is good or bad is certainly up for debate. I see problems with both sides of the argument.

My main point, however, is that the opening paragraph of the article and prncsnic7's comment are misleading. The district did not give across the board raises. Rather, they allowed teachers who have completed the required amount of graduate hours to receive their horizontal move. They did change the pay scale. They allowed those folks (who obtained these hours in the good faith that they would receive their horizontal move) to move to the appropriate horizontal position.

I was also disappointed in prncsnic7. He/She is obviously a teacher and knows what happened, yet chose to act as if the district had laid off 30 teachers and then gave everyone else a raise. That is not what happened (if the article is accurate - I wasn't at the meeting nor do I work for the district.)

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District, teachers agree to contract

prncsnic7 - Since it appears you are an educator associated with the public school system, you should see the fallacy in your comments as well as the in the first paragraph of the article. This is not a salary increase in the sense of raising the district's pay scale. (If you look at the district pay grid from 2009-2010 and the the one for 2010-2011, they are the same.) Rather, what is taking place here is an attempt to pay teachers appropriately, according to where they fall on the salary schedule. Even with the current budget crisis, I can't believe the district has frozen vertical and horizontal movement. I taught in a state where such a freeze is illegal. I have never taught in Kansas public schools so I do not know what law is about freezing the salary schedule. You, however, should not be misleading in your comments. According to the article, the district did not give across the board raises, rather they attempted (but fail short!) to honor their own pay scale. Every teacher should be receiving their earned vertical move, but alas they are not.

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