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Lawmakers overseeing Kansas' Clean Power Plan would rather overturn rules

What is the data to which Representative Hedke refers?

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Gas station owner admits unlawfully hiring immigrants, was business partner of Lawrence liquor store owner

This article seems to be lacking basic information, such the court in which this case is being heard.

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KU archaeologist shares 'helplessness' felt by scholars after temple destruction by Islamic State group

Allas, Fortune. she that whilom was
Dredful to kynges and to emperoures,
Now gaureth al the peple on hir, allas!

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Paul Davis still a star in eyes of Kansas Democrats

The actual news here seems to be that Davis is Outpolling Jenkins in her district with all voters, not just with democrats.

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District court judge in Kansas threatens to challenge state's court funding bill

The reference to the Magna Carta in this legal document is a quotation of a statement by chief justice Roberts of the supreme court which refers to the importance of the independence of the judiciary.

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Opinion: Court takes legislative role on ACA

For a much better article that actually explains the reasoning of Justice Roberts see Linda Greenhouse in the New York Times. The Journal World really should give us a more nuanced account than this shallow article.

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Opinion: Greece confirms perils of socialism

This is a highly distorted account of the financial troubles of the Greeks. Perhaps Mr. Will should abandon ideology and turn to Greek tragedy for a realistic view of the world.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

The open records act and academic freedom must both be considered, according to the chancellor. That seems simple enough.

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Opinion: Cost a real factor in railroad safety

Travel by railroad is much safer than travel by car. Only travel by air is safer.

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Opinion: Evaluating U.S. mistakes in Iraq

The interview with David Petraeus which the commentator quotes here is in the May 20 Washington Post, "Petraeus: The Islamic State isn’t our biggest problem in Iraq.' It is far more balanced than this article. Most importantly, he says the person most responsible for what happened in Iraq was the prime minister at the time.

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