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Sebelius says Kansas needs to act quickly to expand Medicaid

The discussion we need to have is whether Governor Sebelius' proposal benefits the state of Kansas.

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Coalition calls for partial reversal of Brownback tax cuts; seeks hike in gasoline tax

We're 27th in total dollars, all that counts.

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Letter to the editor: Pitts out of line


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Opinion: Maybe we aren’t alarmist enough

This is a gross misuse of the word "paterfamilias."

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Letter to the editor: Pitts out of line

"Putting lipstick on a pig" is an idiom common in political language. It does not imply that anyone is a pig. Rather, it refers to the contrast between a person's actual nature and some cosmetic features.

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John McCain blasts Trump for comments about soldier's family

Mr. Shoebat identifies himself as a "Christian Militant." If you think this is an "Islamist site" you haven't read it.

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Opinion: Why Clinton must be elected

Some comments on this list, which has been posted several times. Points one and two are unsupported, depending on our accepting that the agreement with the Iranians was a mistake. Point three is not to the point; the Crimea is not mentioned in this article. Point four is without substance; what would you have done? The phrase in point five, "reckless disregard," is not "extreme carelessness." The FBI director chose his language carefully. Point six vastly oversimplifies the problems Egypt is having. With respect to point six, relations with Israel are not "frigid." Finally, saying the republican candidate is a "patriot" is saying nothing; all politicians have always been "patriots."

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Trump accepts a Purple Heart amid veteran controversy

Logic takes a holiday.

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Opinion: Immigrant embodies American values

The word "immigrants" does not occur in the article.

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