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Update on plans for development near Clinton Parkway and Inverness; roundabout proposed at Wakarusa and Harvard; policy on court usage at Rock Chalk may change

If some organization needs more courts at the rec center, the city should rent it to them at a rate comparable to other rec centers. If they want parking, they could rent that too. Policies should not be changed so easily.

Crowds may bring people here to use hotels and eating establishments, but very little of that money will make it to the city coffers.

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Kansas loses private-sector jobs as unemployment rate ticks up in May

If state government positions are cut to balance the budget, the unemployment rate will be even higher.

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Editorial: Kasold options

"This entire stretch of Kasold currently carries four lanes of traffic, but Option 1 proposes maintaining four lanes of traffic for only about a block on either end of the project and narrowing the street to two lanes between Eighth and 14th streets. Reducing the number of lanes on this busy street doesn’t make a lot of sense."

Narrowing a street, called a "road diet" has been an accepted design for a long time, just not in Lawrence. See http://www.realtor.org/articles/road-.... The Federal Highway Administration has researched road diets. Road diet design is multimodal, including non-motorized transportation. The objective is to move all transportation modes safely. http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/...

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Governor appoints three to Kansas Board of Regents

What are the education backgrounds of the appointees?

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Kansas tax cutting model tarnished by sales tax increase

"Republicans who pushed the plan said its tax increases have to be seen in the context of the income tax cuts in 2012 and 2013, which the Legislature's top tax analyst said could be worth $900 million annually."

Who is the Legislature's top analyst?

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Journal-World managing editor resigns

The Journal World has recently experienced a renaissance. I suspect Julie Wright had something to do with it. Thank you, Julie.

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Brownback seen as losing influence going into 'lame duck' phase

The governor has accomplished almost all of his agenda. He got the tax outcome he wanted. To the governor, our new tax plan is a success. The only item that I can think of that hasn't been completed is making local elections partisan. Whatever your political views, this governor has been a strong leader. If any group like a tea party wants a different outcome, they better start hustling. The positive spin will be out Monday.

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Kansas lawmakers' tax plan makes numerous policy changes

Some people make things happen.

Some people watch things happen.

Some people wonder what happened.

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Saturday Column: Legislative session an embarrassment for Kansas

Dolph Simons is a Republican, no doubt. If he did not express his views to the liberal Lawrence bubble, how would we know what anyone outside of the bubble thinks? If we are going to change the current direction of politics, we have to understand various perspectives and get over attitudes that prevent us from working together. Otherwise, are liberals just liberal tea partiers, so to speak? Am I angry at GOP loyalists like Dolph? Yes, but let's not get carried away. It looks like Dolph is opening the door to a broader discussion.

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Saturday Column: Legislative session an embarrassment for Kansas

There is an assumption that everyone agrees the new legislation on taxes is wrong. Remember there is a small set of determined individuals who believe what was done is right. As early as next week, I expect to read a positive spin on the legislature's outcome. The results are exactly what the radically conservative group wanted. They won. By the time elections roll around again, many voters will press the new all Republican button. The GOP will seem united even though it is still struggling.

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