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Letter to the editor: Seconding sidewalks

How do we go about making that happen? (Tax dollars for upkeep)

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Letter to the editor: Seconding sidewalks

Interesting links. Thanks.

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Letter to the editor: Seconding sidewalks

Ken, The Ped/Bike Issues task force was appointed by the city commission in March 2016. The following spring a final report was submitted to the commission. The formation of the Transportation Commission was one of the recommendations.


There is a sample of funding resources in different locales in the report.

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Letter to the editor: Impact of taxation

"I do not believe the resources are being misallocated but I am increasingly concerned that we may be trying to do too much, too fast. Perhaps it is time to slow down and provide a more transparent focus with a better set of priorities. One might just wonder if our current leadership is trying to deliver attractive outcomes for some of us to improve their personal chances to advance politically at the expense of the rest of us?"

George, We, as a city, are just beginning to realize that our cycles of growth are not affordable causing results to be diluted or even counterproductive. I do not think, however, that our leaders are in it for personal gain. More likely, they see everything that needs to be done, thus you observation that we are doing too much too fast.

I am more concerned about our state leaders. We keep hearing that our government is too big and our taxes need to be cut. Then, we hearing about lost children, underfunded schools, depleted accounts in transportation and water resources. I wonder what our leaders think we should be paying for, and what are we getting for our tax dollars.

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Letter to the editor: Seconding sidewalks

Propert owners do pay for streets ... through property taxes. Until recently, there was no budget for sidewalks. The city is still contemplating how it will be financed in the long run. If you think it should be funded like streets, then we have to add milage to our property taxes or some other steady revenue stream

One one hand, I'd like to see a fraction of a mil added to our property tax. Then, we could say that property owners are responsible for the sidewalks. On the other hand, our taxes are going up just to maintain the current level of service. The sidewalks are not free. They have to be paid for somehow. That is the dilemma.

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Letter to the editor: Seconding sidewalks

Yes. The Pedestrian Bicycle Issues task force found that almost all states have a state law requiring property owners to pay for sidewalks. The task force found that while there were some variances among cities, property owners were responsible.

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Water exercise a safe, fun option

How does a patient coordinate with the therapist?

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$2 billion estimate for Kansas public schools shocks lawmakers; consultants' accuracy questioned

Looking at the two models in the paper, my concern is shorting rural schools. (One option shows an increase for Lawrence, and a decrease for Baldwin, for example). Bring the funding up so that that small town education can fuction. This is not just about education. Consider economic development and community development. We need to stop taking away from rural Kansas. Doing so creates animosity and weakens the entire state.

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Judge harshly criticizes Kobach during contempt hearing

From Kobach's perspective, he's run up against a biased judge. He will not change, because he does not think he is wrong.

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