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KU, student, teacher with Koch ties reach settlement in case over $1,800 records request

This is a good conclusion. The whole situation was getting extreme. It did serve a purpose, though. KU faculty and administration thought through arrangements that had been practiced for quite a while.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

George, most of you're rationale contributes to a discussion, but this post draws lines in the sand. Cyclists are advocates. Pedestrians are advocates. And, drivers are advocates, too. Let's not go there. We need to think as a community. The whole is equal to the sum of the parts, so to speak. I don't think anyone wants to make driving less functional, but there is a growing demand for other modes of transportation. Did you know that there is an increasing population of teens and twenty somethings across the nation who do not have drivers' licenses? It's true here in Lawrence, too. Did you know that many parents are afraid to let their children walk to school, because traffic is not safe here in Lawrence? And then, of course, there are seniors, disabled, ....

I have not seen a road diet in Lawrence. I have seen them elsewhere. They seem to work quite well. If we continue using the same old remedies for traffic congestion, we will have a whole lot concrete and the same problems, only bigger. Wider roads encourage more traffic than the traffic demand that caused a widening solution. It's time to use other designs. My Reply is general rather than street-specific, but then so was your post. I'm asking you to think through this design a bit more. Please consider my comments.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

Let's try a flip side to that question. Are streets only for motor vehicles?

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Editorial: Kasold questions

Where can pedestrians cross Kasold to get to the other side ... safely? Note that turning vehicles at intersections, both left and right turns, are unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. Drivers have to look in many directions rather than just into the turn to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists. On another note, the blocks are very long. How far should we expect a pedestrian to walk to cross the street?

P.S. I don't live on the west side. Just asking based on the map.

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Planners looking at trading some downtown parking spots for additional bicycle parking; Alvamar redevelopment recommended for approval by planning commissioners

Every potential customer is a pedestrian, so accommodating pedestrians downtown should be a priority. Parking may seem limited by some, but it's not really. The city very recently added another parking ramp. If a shopper went to Oak Park mall, the walk from a parking spot to shopping is much longer. It's a matter of expectations. Lawrence is growing. We have to grow with it.

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Lawrence Planning Commission recommends approval of SLT shopping center

That theory works when the streets are laid out in a grid system. From the location of the Collett proposal, there are very few options for drivers - Iowa and 31st streets. Both of those streets lead to Louisiana Street, 27th Street. 31st feeds Louisiana St. and Kasold. Iowa St. feeds 27th St. The streets in the south Iowa area are one mile apart.

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City to consider reducing number of lanes on portion of Kasold Drive; new info on pending appointment of commissioner; report estimates Rock Chalk tourneys add $4.4 million to economy

Since Iowa is a state highway, it will always go through the city. Kasold and Wakarusa are not state highways. I was worried that the SLT would take out the Kasold-31st connection. Glad that didn't happen. It's the longest road we have.

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Editorial: Commission search

There's an assumption that previous commissioners are interested. I hope so.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

We won't know until it's safe for pedestrians and cyclists to use Kasold.

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Lawrence Planning Commission recommends approval of SLT shopping center

In H2020, this development does not meet economic development criteria:

1. Other than property tax, there is no new money. The profits, investments, higher paid jobs, etc. will be elsewhere.
2. There will be very few good paying permanent jobs.

However, if they're not applying for tax breaks or incentives, the only issue for the city is rezoning. Collett is interested in a regional market, rather than a Lawrence market. It will be interesting to see whether or not the city commission weighs the local retail market significantly.

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