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Editorial: It’s time to talk about guns

I agree.

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Editorial: It’s time to talk about guns

FYI. The ammendment that prevents the CDC from analyzing gun violence is called the Dickey ammendment, attached to an appropriations bill in 1997. There have several attempts to reverse the ammendment sincethen.

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School board to receive equity report and consider changing middle school's name

South is not the first school too consider a name. There was quite an ordeal naming Free State. Central’s name has been changed, too. Why should South be treated differently?

Both Broken Arrow and South Middle Schools are on the edge of the Haskell Indian Nations University campus. Changing South’s name would be very appropriate.

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Editorial: It’s time to talk about guns

A good data base would provide facts for the discussion. Unfortunately, an ammendment to some bill prevented the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from collecting data on gun related incidents. That, and a resistance to a national database prevents consistent record keeping. The Texas shooter, for example, would have come up twice related to violence in public records regardless of the military’s error. So, I’d say, start with information. Oops, I mean establish the means to collect and reference information. I’d rather have the CDC collect data than the FBI.

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Letter to the editor: Tearing safety net

In theory, yes, but Lawrence is an employment ghetto. Most jobs are part time, low wage, with erratic schedules.

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Letter to the editor: Tearing safety net

There also needs to be a jobs program. Kansas does not have many jobs to offer.

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Republican Jim Barnett commits to LGBT nondiscrimination policy if elected governor of Kansas

He sounds sensible. That’s a relif. Give it time.

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Editorial: Tax plan pros and cons

My impressions, so far:

- The tax plan will be just as complicated as it is now. We will have to learn new rules.

- For middle class incomes, the tax proposal is a shell game. There are so many deductions, credits, and timelines, that there’s no way we will come out ahead.

- No one is sure who is middle class. Is it $50,000/year or is it $100,000?

- The only really clear tax cuts are at very high income levels.

- It is not clear why very high income levels need tax breaks. High personal income is not part of a growth model.

- Business tax breaks at least make some sense, however, the breaks would not affect small businesses.

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Editorial: Tax plan pros and cons

What? No mention of losing the medical deduction? Any major illness - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, old autocrash injury, back problems, can bankrupt a family.

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Lawrence’s ‘harming plants’ law in action

Nice play on words. Very funny.

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