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Editorial: Crisis situation

There are two assumptions I have issues with.

1. Osawatomie is a campus with treatment programs. It provides more than just beds. Community support services are only viable when a patient is stable.

2. It is almost impossible for a family to care for seriously ill people. Beyond daily support, we have all read about disasters to families because of mentally ill family members or friends.

Osawatomie has been overcrowded and understaffed for a long time. However, changing the admission policy without a plan for displaced patients creates more problems not less. Stating that the problem is solved because the hospital now qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is a small solution and does not address the larger problem. And no, community services cannot come close to the treatment services at Osawatomie. The lack of services for seriously mental disabilities is an even bigger problem now that Osawatomie has fewer "beds".

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Union leader files for seat on City Commission

David, they did recently raise the pay, but I think it's deferred to the next commission. Our city commissioners make about $9000 per year. That's less than surrounding communities.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why should we pay the commissioners at all? They spend a lot of time in meetings, listening to the public, studying city code and proposals. That time is taken away from their families and their work. $9000 does not begin to cover their expenses.

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Jenkins says conservatives won in $1.1 trillion spending bill

"Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a Republican whose district includes Lawrence, called the bill a victory for conservatives."

We are already reading about winners and losers. Wouldn't it be great to read that the parties were able to work something out together? Looks like another non-productive term coming up in the House.

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TV options abound for cord-cutters, old-school and newfangled alike

Yeah! We dragged our old Radio Shack bar antennas from the basement, disconnected the cable boxes, and connected the antennas. The antennas look "cool" by today's standards mounted on the walls. After trying them out for a couple of days, we know we're not missing any stations we like to watch, and we've gained a few. The picture and sound are better quality. Less clutter around the TVs. Our Apple TV hops on our LAN. The TV listings for the KC area are available on my TV Guide app. Everything works just fine with no cable TV. Thanks for the information everyone.

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State budget plan mostly pushes shortfall forward

Eileen, Thanks for the link. I knew we were recovering at the national level. One would think the biggest lender was China, but the biggest lender is the trust funds for Social Security. That's what the governor is doing to KPERS.

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State budget plan mostly pushes shortfall forward

There's lots of chatter about the federal deficit. We need to start talking about the state deficit. The governor's strategies are lessons on how to dig a deeper hole. The federal deficit was increased the same way.

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Letter: Misleading column

Lesa, Thank you for putting the mental health initiative into perspective. I was wondering what our mental health services were really like.

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Letter: Affront to freedom

Michael, I had similar thoughts, but I could not express them as well as you have. I don't think Hall's speech should be stifled. There are inconsistencies that should be addressed. How do his emails fit with the new communication policy governing faculty expression? And, couldn't the emails themselves be cleansed, then released?

I suspect Mr. Hall is new to academia and not aware of the intricacies of working for a public rather than a private entity. His research and publications will have his bent, but he must remain unbiased in his classroom presentations. If he wishes to teach a concept in economics, I would expect that he would contrast and compare various approaches. The classroom is not a pulpit for one's ideals. Students and the public are looking for assurances that this is happening.

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City manager offers apology on Rock Chalk matter; commissioners suggest audit

I'm shaking the emem off my shoes and looking forward. Whatever the chemistry that brought us to the current status, I am more confident in the project's development. Tackling the problems now is far better than not not tackling them at all. So, mistakes were made. Let's get over it and move on. I say they're on the right path. The project's going to happen. What else do we want to see that would make the project more palatable?

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Mayor wants to restart discussion about police headquarters project; City Commission rejects cell tower plan

That's an oversimplification. We have drug trafficking and murders. Comparison with other communities is not really viable. Every community has differences.

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