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Developer raising red flag about slow pace of East Ninth Street corridor project; plans for new East Lawrence microbrewery moving ahead

East siders are split on this project. There are east side supporters as well as east side dissenters. Soden had a lot of votes in the last election. We need to get away from sterotypes. It inhibits our ability to function together as a community. Please do not take personal offense. This is my evolving philosophy.

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Developer raising red flag about slow pace of East Ninth Street corridor project; plans for new East Lawrence microbrewery moving ahead

"Krsnich has begun characterizing that group as a very small minority, but city commissioners may view it differently. "

The group of people who live or own businesses near this area may be small, but that does not mean their concerns should be dismissed. They should have some say. Do property rights for home owners not exist?

On the other hand, discussion of this art corrodor has been going on for a very long time. Folks keep coming up with new ideas. The whole plan is jeopardized by overthinking. It's time to bring closure.

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Columnist Leonard Pitts tells Lawrence crowd it's time for white Americans to 'stop eating Jim Crow'

"Historically, Pitts said, when the white underclass would complain about working conditions, the “money” would respond with threats to bring in black workers for less pay. Today, he said, the same principle is still being applied in order to prevent the underclasses from uniting into a powerful force for change, regardless of party lines and other differences, or even imagining the possibility of doing so."

Why don't whites talk about being white? If there are issues, let's discuss them. Harder to find a job? Can't get a scholarship? Less housing assistance? Talking about being white is not a tea party or liberal thing. Instead of going for Leonard Pitt's knee caps, sniping at other posters, or redirecting the topic, try identifying issues that need balance.

I did not attend Pitt's presentation, but i did tead the article above. My interpretation, based on the article, was that groups of lower income people are manipulated against each other. Sure happened here. The topic was lost. Attitudes and stereotypes surfaced. Richard Crank (above) was right. I'm terrified, too.

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Motorists beware: 30-plus summer road projects planned throughout Lawrence

I noticed that, too. Some of the construction on the west side develops the area. Some of the construction in older areas is aactually for repair of water lines and such. I wonder if the city coordinates curbs, gutters, waterlines, and sidewalk repair.

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Former city commissioner seeking large tax rebate for proposed downtown project

Height restrictions Are probably in the building codes.

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Lawrence historic resources board hears heated comments on East Ninth Street design

The Historic Resources Commission's job is to review the proposal based on historical and cultural guidelines. For folks who have other objections, the HRC is the wrong venue. The approval of the project happens at the Planning Commission and City Commission meetings.

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KDOT engineer says four options being considered for K-10, Kasold Drive intersection

Safety. If there are no bad collisions, doing nothing would work. What are the chances there will be no increase in the number of crashes and the number of crashes with fatalities or severe injury?

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