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Kansas Senate passes bill requiring university prospectuses

The data would not be easy to collect. There's the not so minor issue of the right to privacy. Grads do not have to answer the questions or even report where they are/will work. The employers will not release the information.

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Retiree attraction effort launches marketing campaign

We need more than marketing to attract and keep seniors here. DCSS has a report on needs and wants plus recommendations for infrastructure and amenities. We have a lot of work to do - transportation, part time job opportunities, housing, ... about the only item we have ready is KU. See


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Saturday Column: U.S. suffers loss of honesty, integrity, leadership

Fred. I read Andy's link. I hope you are not relying on nypost for news. It's extremely biased and reports nothing but rumor.

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Saturday Column: U.S. suffers loss of honesty, integrity, leadership

Why would Obama want to do that? Could you post your source?

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Saturday Column: U.S. suffers loss of honesty, integrity, leadership

"Could one of the reasons be that the public is being given more and more evidence on which to question whether these political leaders are telling the truth?"

The public might be given more evidence than in the past. The public has definitely been given more misinformation and conjured up rumors. Have we already forgotten NBCs Brian Williams and FOXs Bill O'Reilly? Include journalism on your list. And, all those tiresome spam emails. The public is reacting to an incredible amount of misinformation.

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Letter: Pavilion praise

"Anti" votes are counterproductive. Voters should want a representative government that includes neighborhoods, businesses, charities, services, whatever. It's the lack of balance that causes mood swings on our city commission. We were fortunate to have fourteen candidates to choose from. Now, let's make the best of it by voting for a balanced and representative city commission.

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Netanyahu warns against striking a ‘bad’ nuclear deal with Iran

Netanyahu definitely prefers the Republican Party. He campaigned for Romney. Now, he's rallying the GOP in congress.

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Soden, Rasmussen, Boley take top three spots in Lawrence City Commission primary

In the past, candidates with the highest funding tended to do well in the polls. It would be interesting to compare campaign funds, number of votes, and votes by precinct.

I have a theory that the Journal World leveled the playing field with its summaries of each candidate. The candidates were able to state their positions clearly without huge expenditures.

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2015 primary election results: Soden, Rasmussen, Boley, Riordan, Herbert, Schumm moving onto April general election

Turn out at the polls was only 8.7%. If the primary election were held in the fall, would the turnout be greater?

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Kansas Senate passes bill that would move local elections to November

Or, is this a first step towards partisan local elections?

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