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Lawrence commission reverses Rock Chalk Park stance after serious accounting questions emerge

Ok, I knew these comments were coming. I think each entity was relying on the other to think through the details. It's such a quagmire, I can't imagine who is more to blame. It is what it is. Finally, the community is on top of the situation and the city commission is trying to deal with it.

The quality of construction is poor. The contractor needs to do more than cosmetic fixes. The community needs to continue harping on this, too. We really don't know if there is anything wrong with the purchasing and paper work until there is an independent audit. It could be just a matter of cleaning up the paper trails. I'm staying objective on the finances, ...for now. I have said and continue to say let's move forward. We can't change the past.

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Lawrence commission reverses Rock Chalk Park stance after serious accounting questions emerge

At one time, there was a lot of community support for the rec center. I heard the support in meetings, in conversations, and read it in the blogs. My guess is, and it's just a guess, that the supporters in the community were not thinking about the budget, either.

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Lawrence commission reverses Rock Chalk Park stance after serious accounting questions emerge

Partnerships and privatization agreements between public and private entities are not all they are purported to be. Elected officials could be one of us, totally unprepared for something like an agreement with Bliss Sports. In a city this size, city staff do not have much experience, either. In my inexperienced and naive opinion, there should be a meeting of the partners and a shared expense for an audit to clean up the records,

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Kansas birth rate in 2013 lowest since recording began

The average family size has been decreasing slightly over the last twenty years, approx. from 2,6 to 2.5 children per family. It seems like the decrease in family size would be greater given that there's an increase in the number of parents working.

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Lawrence school board election: Three more declare candidacy

Last time around, voters sent the message that neighborhood schools were a priority. Which of the candidates would follow through on neighborhood schools. We do not need to reverse course again. Voters weighed the benefits. It's done.

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City hoping for good bids on $70 million sewage treatment plant project

The sewage treatment plant and facilities for the police department were in queue long before the Rock Chalk rec center was a glimmer. We have this major investment, now It's time for the city to step back and work on necessities. We learned from experience that we should watch the budget closer. Now we have to recoup. No sense in griping about the past. Let's think forward.

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

"Paternalistic government."

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Synthetic ice rink: Not the same as real ice, but serves its purpose

The request was for a skating rink. There were no specifics. I am just as angry about the direction of Parks and Rec as anyone else. My comments to the city were given while the rec center was still an idea. I stated in a public meeting at the library that it made more sense to pay for a police facility and vote on the rec center. Snide remarks about the city, to the city, or to another poster do not promote discussion. If you are just commenting now, you're griping about history. Did you give your input at the discussion stage? There was plenty of opportunity.

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Editorial: Not so fast

Fred, What's with the name-calling? Not that there's anything wrong with being a conservative or a liberal. It's a rather silly response. My point is that Lawrence does not have a good job market. How about a more thoughtful and educated response.

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