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KDOT says additional improvements to Kasold and SLT intersection unlikely following crash

KDOT should not be held responsible for drivers who choose to defy the traffic laws. No matter what the design, some drivers will ignore the laws. Drivers need to accept the responsibility for operating a very large heavy moving vehicle and interact sensibly and safely within the transportation network. I'm sorry someone was injured, but I too often hear statements like, 'Drivers won't do that', or 'Drivers don't read signs', or "Drivers get confused", ... Traffic engineers try to address safety concerns with their designs. Maybe, we should increase enforcement. It's too bad drivers are not more conscientious on their own.

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City hopes new activities will fix sharp decline of skating rink visitors

That's funny. Thanks for the laugh.

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City hopes new activities will fix sharp decline of skating rink visitors

There a many cities that have decent skating rinks. It would be more accurate to say that Lawrence's Parks and Rec is not doing a good job with Lawrence's rink.

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City hopes new activities will fix sharp decline of skating rink visitors

The weather was not the problem for our family. Stop and start skating was disappointing. Why would Parks and Rec assume that weather deterred skaters on a plastic rink?

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Editorial: The Facebook problem

Yes, an opinion is bias, otherwise it would be a fact. Unfortunately, many readers cannot tell the difference. Opinion gets repeated over and over until readers believe it to be true, when the resulting message might not even reflect the original opinion.

Electronic media deprives the reader of balanced exposure to news and opinions. Readers find material they already agree with. Thus, it becomes impossible to have a conversation with readers who have different ideas that could result in a mutual and different outcome. We are always playing a stressful game of win and lose.

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Editorial: The Facebook problem

Unfortunately, newspaper blogs like the Journal World's also promote false information and narrow attitudes. I do read and participate. I want to know what people are thinking, but intimidation can be extreme like a rough playground. Then, the opinions get biased. There are times I think the blogs should be shut down.

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Haskell basketball to wear special uniforms as part of Native American Heritage Month

How about bringing this news into focus with a picture and something about the coach and players. The links are not enough. Elaborate. This article is too short. It lacks attention. There are a lot of readers interested in Haskell.

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School board tweaking meeting structure to allow for more public input

Opening up school board meetings has been needed for a very long time. Glad to see the effort to change.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider new incentive for startups, changes to agreement with The Chamber

The last contract between the city and the chamber did not have clear measurable outcomes. The annual reports, however, had measured criteria. There should be measurable outcomes in the contract.

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Your Turn: Time to consider changes to Lawrence government

Bob, i.e.,"God complex", "Liberals".

Try: "Here's a thought. How about less meddling into civilians business of making money?"

I'm not sure what you meant by "God complex". Were you thinking that the meddling in business is overbearing, or were you thinking about the separation of church and state?

What does "Liberals" have to do with anything?

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