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Letter: Civil service

The appeal of government jobs is not the pay, but the stability ... Or at least it was.

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

Dolphins Simons shares views that are expressed by a lot of other people. If he did not publish his views, we would be posting in a homogenized pasteurized bubble.

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

"Obama’s immigration plan, which would receive funding under the Department of Homeland Security, is a major roadblock in the minds of many in Congress, and giving Obama the green light to launch military actions against ISIS, al Qaida and other radical Islam terrorists causes many lawmakers to have reservations."

If the GOP is sincerely concerned about funding the Department of Homeland Security, why don't they separate the immigration issue for a separate discussion? The major roadblock is deliberate.

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County taking time to understand issues before acting on jail expansion, mental health care project

Treanor Architects seem to have a lot of government business. Was this assignment bid out?

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Managing Editor: Journal-World has significant coverage of city election planned

Wonderful! Years ago, the Journal World did a summary of each candidate. I'm glad to see the comeback. Will we be able to read the results by precinct after the election?

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Governor's plan leaves end of Kansas income taxes uncertain

"After dropping its top personal income tax rate 29 percent over three years, the state won't reduce it again for at least four years. The lowest rate, which declined 23 percent during the same period, to 2.7 percent, would decline only to 2.66 percent for 2016."

This information abuses the use of percents. How silly it is and how misleading it is to use a 23% decline on a number so small (2.7). And to top it off, we are reading about % of %s. There are way too many percents in this press release. They obscure any useful information.

I have a simple question. How much revenue from business existed before the tax cuts, say for 2012? I would like to see an actual dollar amount. Given the dollar amount, I suppose a reported percent of total revenues would be acceptable. If we know this amount of revenue lost, we know how much we need to recover or cut elsewhere.

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Editorial: No rush

Or fills a community need like senior housing for typical senior incomes.

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Letter: Cars are king

Dorothy, I agree with your list of safe behaviors, but the pedestrians that were hit last month were in crosswalks with the right of way. I experienced two close calls this week as a pedestrian, myself. I pointed to the crosswalk sign, but more than one driver ignored it, even increased their speed. Walking should not be so dangerous. Everyone remembers seeing a few pedestrians and cyclists doing stupid things like wearing black at night. Many ordinary pedestrians and cyclists do as you suggest. Their experiences are not good, and sometimes they experience uninvited hostility from drivers,

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Riordan files for second term on Lawrence City Commission

We have twelve candidates for city commission. A primary will narrow the selection to six candidates. What would happen if we had a two party system like governor Brownback is promoting?

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