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Judge harshly criticizes Kobach during contempt hearing

From Kobach's perspective, he's run up against a biased judge. He will not change, because he does not think he is wrong.

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Affordable housing project seeks to add small homes to existing neighborhoods; that won't be easy

If we increase density:
- We should maintain greenspace/parks in the area,
- There are a lot of logistics with underground services like solid waste, water, electrical,
- Most of our older neighborhoods have problems with stormwater runoff.
- We do have code for "granny flats" in single family zones that could be revamped,
- Some homes could be redesigned (conversion homes) for condos,
- The major requirement should be owner occupied houses/homes to maintain the stability of the neighborhoods.

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Kobach pollster testifies that, based on his survey, most Kansas voters can prove citizenship

500 can be a good sample size. A lot depends on how they sampled. If they sampled with bias, no sample size would be large enough.

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Water exercise a safe, fun option

The water is not warm enough for serious therapy.

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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk tax

I totally agree. See my previous post.

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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk tax

Calvin, The property owners responsibility for sidewalks is state law. Most states have the same law.

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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk tax

RJ, Not only are property owners in Kansas responsible for sidewalks, but the same law exists in most states. Older neighborhoods' taxes have paid for new growth roads and sidewalks many times over while their own sidewalks crumbled. Does the old law really make sense now?

I agree that property owners should be responsibe for their sidewalks, but I think there could be more sensible and fair ways to do this. Bottom line is somebody has to pay for the sidewalks. Sidewalks are not free. Personally, I think it should be a fraction of a mil on our property taxes.

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Editorial: Red flag gun bill has merit

The CDC is restricted from any research that might indicate a need for gun control, the Dickey ammendment, 1996.

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Kobach invites NRA to hold convention in Kansas

Or, was it the Brady billl that made the difference? Just asking.

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