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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

" I can’t swing my bottle of NoDoz at City Hall these days without hitting someone who is lobbying for Lawrence to become more pedestrian friendly. Does that mean apartment buildings that place less emphasis on auto usage?"

Chad, I think your comprehension of "pedestrian friendly" is off. It would be wonderful if pedestrians elsewhere in town had the walkability of downtown Lawrence. The only application of "pedestrian friendly" related to this project that I can think of would be whether or not Doug Compton's group creates (or is required to create) options for pedestrians to walk safely around the construction.

Apartments without parking lots do encourage the use of mass transit. There are some missing pieces to the puzzle like how to buy groceries. There's no grocer close by.

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

"While the county’s new approach to violations was never put into writing, Weinaug and Sherman say they agreed verbally that the policy would be a dramatic change in the way building codes are enforced in Douglas County."

The city and state governments have similar practices of "not putting new approaches in writing". State regulations on the use of water resources has not been enforced for so long, that it would be difficult to enforce them now. Voluntary compliance, primarily for irrigation, has not been working, and our water resources have become noticeably limited.

The city routinely exempts the sales tax on construction projects. It would be difficult to backtrack, even though the city could use the revenue. I'm hoping that these exemptions were only granted for projects the city recognized as city economic development projects.

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Kansas House rejects plan to raise sales tax to fix budget

Steve, You are assuming cash reserves will be restored. If it didn't happen for KPERS, why would we assume that other cash reserves will be restored?

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Letter: School attack

Kevin, What are the numbers per student with and without the KPERS increase?

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Kansas governor signs bill overhauling civil service system

"Supporters say the changes will put state agencies more in line with private industry and make it easier to tailor jobs to staffing needs."

Putting state agencies in line with private industry is not a straightforward comparison. Government employees have specific knowledge and skills in services that do not exist in the private sector, unemployment for example. And, the pay in the private sector is higher for positions you can compare. The appeal of working in the civil service was stability not pay.

If pay is not increased to match the open job market, the state's pool of candidates will be smaller. Is the state able and ready to compete in the open job market? Would it really be less expensive?

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Letter: School attack

Does $11,153/student include the shifted cost of KPERS? The state has shifted the cost of KPERS to the school districts, but where is that added expense included, at the cost per student, overhead, or what?

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KU business teacher calls students' records request politically motivated, malicious

Intent really has nothing to do with the release of information. Discussing intent detracts from the issue. An academic at a public school is expected to be responsible for her/hiswork and be ready for scrutiny except for obvious non-disclosures like personal information.

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Kansas abortion foes seek change in law to help with lawsuit

How big is the State Attorney Office's budget? Maybe, we could make some budget cuts here.

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Soul food restaurant opens in eastern Lawrence; don't let signs of redevelopment worry you at The Bottleneck; more than $200K of traffic calming considered for 27th Street

As south Iowa has developed, traffic on Louisiana Street and 27th Street has increased by thousands, filtering through the Indian Hills and Parkhill neighborhoods. It's the most convenient path for many drivers. The increased traffic has been very difficult for the residential neighborhoods to adapt to. There are cul-de-sacs, dead end streets, driveways, schools, and very few sidewalks. The detour on 27th Street is an immediate problem. The detour was not planned, and it is not managed. The problems will not be solved with traffic studies. The city should prepare the street to be used as a detour. This is not a problem for comprehensive planning. As Laura stated, a long range traffic calming plan is already in place.

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