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New numbers out on Lawrence job growth; City Commission to consider $100K in incentives for affordable housing project

Oops. You're right. Here's what they are requesting.

"About $61,000 would come in the form of city rebates of utility “impact fees” and meter installation fees. The rest includes some city assistance with sidewalk construction, storm water work, and fire hydrant installation."

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New numbers out on Lawrence job growth; City Commission to consider $100K in incentives for affordable housing project

" • Both incentives and affordable housing have been a buzzword topics on the City Commission election trail."

This proposal for tax breaks is more supportable than some of those granted previously. Retaining and attracting seniors is part of the economic development goals in H2020. Seniors have spendable income (not all high incomes, of course). Projects like these free up affordable housing. This proposal is worth considering. It depends on the details.

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Key Kansas lawmakers defend plan to issue pension bonds

There's plenty of documentation to back up the comments above. Reuters and the Wall Street Journal have covered this topic more than once. Research results do not look good so far, either. The other states or cities that have tried this were facing or are into bankruptcy. (Think Detroit)

See the link below for an overview of the dilemma in Kansas.


Somewhere I read that the state of Kansas has one of the most underfunded pension funds. This is risky business, borrowing tomorrow's money to pay today's bills. It's not over, yet. What bills can we not pay next month? Our oil business is down. What revenue is left?

Governor Brownback is taking serious risks. He is caught between his ideal economy and raising taxes. He should be honest with Kansans. Where in the world is the Kansas press, anyway?

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations


City of Lawrence 29.534

Douglas County 35.769

State of Kansas 1.500

USD #497 58.005

Total 124.808

Here's the property tax breakdown for Lawrence. The most likely property tax to increase will be USD 497 because of recent legislation in Topeka.

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

Just addressing an assumption posters have made. The Planning Commission is not involved in the bidding process. Critique the candidate all you want, but spin it accurately.

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

Folks, The Planning Commision does not review bids.

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Work to begin soon on new river trail near downtown; home sales fall in February; Board of Realtors endorses three for City Hall

Brett, I agree with you somewhat. The commission needs to be a balance of philosophies and influence. Right now, I am concerned that voters are reactionary. Our commissions swing left and right, but seldom are moderate in their actions because of polarized voting. When we vote, we should consider the makeup of the entire commission. Should we vote for all the Board of Realtor candidates? I would hope that voters would temper that recommendation with other choices. We are fortunate to have a good slate of candidates. Now, let's balance the commission.

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Lawrence residents discuss cycling, walking at town meeting

Andy, Have you considered that bikers and walkers mean fewer drivers on the road? Wouldn't you want to relieve congestion and repairs/construction on the roads by decreasing the number of drivers? Do you really want to wait for two rounds of a traffic light?

Nationally, the current generation of teens and twenty something's tend towards not driving. Even in Lawrence, teens are not anxious to drive. They delay getting their drivers' licenses. They prefer to walk, bike, carpool, or text (go figure). Lawrence is way behind the curve on transportation modes. Manhattan and Topeka are way ahead of us. So is Columbia, MO.

We need to redesign our streets so that all modes of transportation are accommodated, but no mode of transportation becomes more challenged. Get involved. No one wants drivers to be at a disadvantage.

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City Commission candidate Bob Schumm answers your questions

Bob is very active, but much of his energy is unnoticed. He has a mature understanding of comprehensive planning for the whole city. If he hears an issue that needs addressing, he follows through.

This past year he has met with pedestrian and cycle groups and encouraged them to work together on city infrastructure issues. At the last city commission meeting, the commissioners made a resolution to form a task force with an ambitious agenda. Last night, Liberty Hall was packed with people who attended the Safe Routes for All forum. This was Bob's initiative, but now community leaders have surfaced. Having more people involved in the community is a real plus for Lawrence.

I did not support the new rec center, but a lot of people did. The supporters are benefiting because of Bob's energy.

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A pending addition to the east Lawrence skyline; loads of downtown events set for approval; update on Rock Chalk audit

Any additional grain elevators could be in a new location, although it would be slightly more coordination for the owner. I wonder if there are incentives for this kind of issue.

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