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Kansas board OKs 92-year-old's voter registration

It might have been quicker to prove the woman was not an immigrant. Hmmm. Would that approach work for all 18,000 voters in limbo?

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As city grows northwest, many new students won't be allowed to go to Lawrence schools

Just a note. Each entity does its own planning - schools, city/county, KU. As I recall, USD 497 planned the location of Free State high school. The city was expected to get services out there.

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Kansas Democrats to fight back on Obamacare

Angela, It is definitely difficult to rely on Congress, but it doesn't help to denigrate Congress or the ACA from your office. I appreciate the Kancare information. If there are specific non-political problems between the ACA and Kancare, I'd like to know more.

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Brownback outlines education goals for second term

Good point. Are businesses funding some of the VoTech school that's being planned? We need more news on this, also.

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Letter: Plan questioned

The cost-cutting push could become so extreme that the result would be a big mistake. I totally agree that we want to read more about the rationale and seek out even more possibilities. In the end, we will get what we pay for. Personally, I think that we need more officers on the street, but taxpayers want less crime with no solutions or cost. What kind of facility would we need for more positions? Would tax payers pay for the costs?

Wouldn't the overall goal be safer streets? I wonder if there is a comprehensive plan, maybe a chapter in H2020. The city really needs to inform the public more. Not with a website. With news articles and channel 6 coverage.

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Brownback outlines education goals for second term

"...industry-recognized technical certification..."

This objective concerns me. We are hoping for the same outcome in Lawrence. It does not make sense to offer training for industry Kansas does not have. Where will the graduates work? KU has invested a lot of money in the engineering programs, but where will the students come from and where will the engineering graduates go?

I realize these are armchair observations. If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

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Kansas Democrats to fight back on Obamacare

Obamacare needs some work, no doubt, but the ACA is very broad. It would have been impossible to forsee every outcome. Congress has wasted a lot of time not making adjustments as needed. (Social Security still needs changes to adapt to current conditions. That's not a crime, and a couple of changes would fix Social Security for a long time.) It's the shrill politics that confuse the issues. I think the Democrats are on the right track publicizing the ACA's achievements, so far, rather than cowering to the opposition. That's the only way we bystanders will get a good overview.

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Kansas Democrats to fight back on Obamacare

Thanks for the information Angela. However, it would be more credible without your obvious bias. Instead of referring to "Obamacare mandates and requirements", try "The ACA minimum standards at each policy level". How can the public develop an informed opinion with such bias coming from a state government employee? It is inappropriate for a government employee to campaign.

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Managing editor: Why we don't 'unpublish' stories and photos

Moderating a blog is not the same as reporting the news. Removing objectionable posts would not be covered by this news policy.

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Kansas fights labor rule for home health workers

I read the newspaper article twice. The information takes such a spin, I can't draw any conclusions. Are health care workers in Kansas not paid fairly? What's wrong with paying for overtime? If a worker is paid a flat rate, why are they part of the overtime problem? Are we underpaying healthcare workers by $30 million or have the rules been misinterpreted?

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