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Streets, infrastructure polling higher than police headquarters in new city survey results

Are we talking about the Capital Improvements Program(CIP) budget, tax revenue, or both? Comparing the need to repair potholes to the need for police station is a bit extreme. Repairing potholes and striping a street are routine maintenance. Building a police station is a capital improvement investment. Those are not even comparable costs. Simplistically, the capital improvement budget has been used for large scale street projects like replacing the underlay on Kasold. I'm just guessing, but I think that's the budget that could be used for the police department instead. The sales tax for a new police facility was voted down. Now, the city is looking at other options within the city's overall budget.

So, now we have tough choices. Chad, we should know ballpark costs for each of the options before we can really give sensible feedback. The survey was an opinion survey with no knowledge base.

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Streets, infrastructure polling higher than police headquarters in new city survey results

Hmmm. The location seems good, but what do I know? If the building had the capacity needed, the police department would be using it now. There's no room to expand. The inside is a beautiful open design with a deck and a view, but it does not seem well suited for police department.

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Editorial: Street strategy

I prefer walking to driving. I walked to work many times, even in deep snows. I did not have to worry about driving my car or parking it. Every year, walking becomes more hazardous. I cringe when my grandson wants to ride around the block. I've heard parents say that they will not let their kids walk to school because of the traffic. Every year, traffic encroaches. At one time, I could cross 23rd Street safely. It's no longer safe to cross. Louisiana Street has pedestrian islands that drivers would like removed. The balance between motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists is off. The multimodal transportation strategies address the need for balance. It's not just about health. It's the logistics of providing infrastructure for people to move around the city.

Traditional designs that are hazardous to pedestrians and cyclists: Left turn lanes,
Right turn on red,
Rounded corners (large turning radii),
Storm drains,
Visual obstructions like transformers, and
Sidewalks next to street.
Taking an opportunity to redesign an intersection so that everyone can use it is a good idea. We do not have the budget to take care of all the problems at once. There is no perfect design, but I can say that the same old way is not working.

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Editorial: Street strategy

Fred, Those islands were requested so that pedestrians could cross Louisiana Street. Louisiana Street has several cul de sacs and driveways. It was never intended to be a major thoroughfare. Impatient drivers and the volume of traffic have made it necessary to install remedies on both Louisiana Street and 27th Street. If you choose to drive on those streets, remember that they are residential. Share the road.

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

How would someone issuing drivers' licenses know whether an applicant for a name change is gay or straight?

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New plans filed for major shopping center south of SLT and Iowa Street interchange

David, Let's ask a reverse question. What qualifications do you think our city commissioners should have?

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Illegal firework violations can cost hundreds of dollars, jail time; police planning vigorous enforcement

I admit my kids set off impressive displays of fireworks. That was a long time ago. I don't know when or why I changed my mind. Maybe, it was the firecrackers weeks before and after the fourth, or birds falling out of our trees, or watching our pets feel tense and miserable, or reading about PTSD. At least our display was only on the fourth, and the cleanup crew was out in the morning, sweeping the street if necessary. I'm glad we have an ordinance, now. I should have been more aware sooner.

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Lawrence home sales surge in May; new report shows local rental rates on dramatic rise; local incomes still lagging

It's easy to see why incomes are low in Lawrence. We don't have a good mix of jobs and pay is low.

Why is the housing market tight? Are more people moving to Lawrence, or are Lawrencians moving around? (Think housing bubble. Every time a house changes hands everyone involved wants to make money on the transaction. The house becomes worth more on paper than it really is worth.)

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Kansas gay marriage lawsuits cost taxpayers $100,000

I would like to see the budget and expenditures for both the Secretary of State and the State Attorney General by year with high points itemized. Under governor Brownback's administration, there has been significantly more activity in these two departments than in the past. Regardless of political positions, we should look at all budgets, prioritize, and cut back. It looks like spending has increased here.

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Court ruling on air standards may save Westar millions

Does this mean they have funds for research, development, and production to address air quality issues?

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