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Haskell regents ponder options for breaking through federal red tape

Haskell tried this unsuccessfully in 1985. It was called the Slattery bill. I hope Haskell succeeds this time.


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Kansas Gov. Brownback not looking at cuts, taxes to balance budget

There will be more unfunded mandates pushed down to the local level combined with ceilings on local revenue sources. From governor Brownback's point of view, there's more cutting in local budgets that needs to be done. He s consistent and predictable.

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Letter: Road scholars?

If Kasold is not a neighborhood street, why are the neighbors expressing their opinions? I am not saying that the neighbors should not give input on the Kasold issue. I'm just trying to follow your logic.

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Records show lobbyists have spent $500K on Kansas lawmakers

Technically, they should not be claiming per diem if their lunch is paid for.

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Letter: Road scholars?

Alfred and John, Yes, last minute notification has happened in most neighborhoods. It's easy to slip into a "H3LL N0" response. In the city's defense, it's difficult to know which issues will be contentious. City staff are good people.

I say seize the moment. Infiltrate and lead.

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Records show lobbyists have spent $500K on Kansas lawmakers

We should be taking legislators out to lunch?

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Kansas GOP leader demands Davis exit from voter rules suit

What state law?

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Letter: Road scholars?

Alfred, I'd like to believe the neighborhood is in agreement, but I've only read comments opposing the Complete Street option and a couple of brave souls who would support a Complete Street option. There are very few people using this blog. Matt Herbert's survey is the only attempt to get input. Neighborhood input would be more of an influence if the neighbor's actually met to discuss the options openly.

The neighborhood, in its entirety, should take the opportunity to work with the city. Make the project work for the neighborhood and the city.

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Letter: Road scholars?

Traveling north/south is easier than traveling east/west in Lawrence. Kasold is the longest street we have when you consider 31st as part of the road. It's kind of a trafficway.

I have heard that USDOT and, consequently KDOT, are downgrading street classifications. In other words, Kasold would not be classified as a major arterial. Only 6th Street and Iowa Street would be major arterials. I have not looked for documentation, but I'm sure it's on government websites somewhere. I'm guessing that federal funds would be affected.

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2 remaining City Commission candidates speak on upcoming issues; final decision to be made Tuesday

Small businesses are a downtown attraction. Running a small business consumes your personal life. You're on call 24/7, you fill in when employees leave, you take care of management and the open store at the same time. It's a lot of responsibility. We should support the businesses as they decide what's best for their operations. The businesses need to make a profit, and they need to have personal lives.

Discount and chain stores have more open hours. That's their attraction.

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