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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk tax

I totally agree. See my previous post.

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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk tax

Calvin, The property owners responsibility for sidewalks is state law. Most states have the same law.

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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk tax

RJ, Not only are property owners in Kansas responsible for sidewalks, but the same law exists in most states. Older neighborhoods' taxes have paid for new growth roads and sidewalks many times over while their own sidewalks crumbled. Does the old law really make sense now?

I agree that property owners should be responsibe for their sidewalks, but I think there could be more sensible and fair ways to do this. Bottom line is somebody has to pay for the sidewalks. Sidewalks are not free. Personally, I think it should be a fraction of a mil on our property taxes.

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Editorial: Red flag gun bill has merit

The CDC is restricted from any research that might indicate a need for gun control, the Dickey ammendment, 1996.

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Kobach invites NRA to hold convention in Kansas

Or, was it the Brady billl that made the difference? Just asking.

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$600,000 funding error in city's affordable housing has city staff eyeing money recouped from billing audit

The city should not cut taxes. The last time I recall a major tax cut was the beginning of our infrastructure woes. Taxes are an emotional issue. Once they are cut, it is very difficult to increase taxes again, even if it's just to restore a tax level. The city should take on more of the capital improvement list. There are roads and sidewalks, old water lines, lighting, the police facility, and senior housing, to name a few, that need

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Editorial: Free speech bill is not needed

"In 2013, the Kansas Board of Regents adopted a policy giving universities authority to fire or suspend faculty and staff for comments on social media. "

Now I could support an ammendment removing restrictions on faculty and staff. Not allowing them to use their credentials is stifling. Of course, any public employee has to be mindful of representing their employer, but this policy is extreme. I have read comments by other state employees, think LaRoche, who were out of line on the LJW site.

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Letter to the editor: Kobach’s real goal

Right on target, as always, David. I was not aware of the Free State Elections Act. Thanks for that.

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17 killed in Florida high school shooting; suspect was former student with rifle

No more platitudes and assumptions. Allow the Center for Disease Control to collect and analyze data. (Currently, the CDC, by law, cannot collect data.) Improve nationwide background checks including social media. And quit telling me automatic weapons are sporting. A few years ago, I had no issues with gun ownership or use. I watch shoot 'm ups on TV. Violence is out of control. It's time to govern.

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