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Number of Kansas engineering grads up, but concerns raised about having to recruit out of state

Where do the graduates go?

What kind of engineers are needed in Kansas?

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City set to create special residents-only parking zone in portion of Oread neighborhood

It is not unreasonable for a homeowner to expect parking to be available in front of their homes whether it's for visitors or services. KU should be responsible for faculty, staff and student parking on campus. I would expect the same of fraternities and sororities. It certainly is not the neighborhood's responsibility to give up even public accommodations. Snide remarks are not convincing. They just represent an entitled attitude and no sense of community responsibility.

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Orman says Roberts campaign doctored audio in latest video ad

Give us the source so we can read about this in context. Thanks.

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Orman says Roberts campaign doctored audio in latest video ad

Wow! Robert's team actually rearranged the audio recording with cut and paste. The words and sentences have been changed. The sentences do not say the same things as the original recording. I would say this is blatantly unethical.

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City sets grand opening date for Rock Chalk Park recreation center

Harvey, What rec center in east Lawrence are you referring to?

I'm glad your pleased with the new rec center, although I would rather the city had built two smaller rec centers on the west side.

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Editorial: Job skills

-For many years, students had a choice between college prep and other. "Other" did not command the same level of respect and was thought of as a remedial program. Expectations in business and VoTech had lower expectations, in math and English, for example. I hope the vocational programs have changed or will change now. Not everyone student wants to go to college.

I do fault the schools for teaching students to reach for the sky without making sure their feet stay on the ground. Huge students debt stifles graduates. Huge debts stifle the economy, too, by the way.

-I hear so many people say, "I am no good at math." They say it front of children. They say it in front of their peers. I have no idea how they read the newspaper or manage their retirement funds. In my experience, capability is not always an issue. Lack of the willingness to think analytically is a more likely the culprit. We have become a nation of lazy thinkers.

-Many countries split their students between vocational programs and college prep around the age of twelve. If those college prep students are compared to our general education, of course the results look different. Can someone tell me if this is the case.

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Lawrence commission approves downtown ice skating rink on split vote

I think the anger expressed in the posts above is misplaced. It is very appropriate for a parks department to offer a skating rink. (Although I question the location.) The community is just realizing the costs involved with the new recreation center and other financial responsibilities like the police facility and another water treatment plant. I felt a knee jerk reaction to the cost of the Ousdahl and 23rd Street flooding problem, myself.

The city commission spent quite a bit of time and energy seeking input on the rec center. It's too late for input now. That does not mean we should abdicate the city's other expenses. Hopefully, the community will pay more attention to city government and provide input. They only know what they hear from us.

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Lawrence commission approves downtown ice skating rink on split vote

There was a survey awhile back. I think a skating rink was one of the requests.

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Davis taps into doubts about Kansas governor

Right now, Kansas voters are very conservative. They could move toward the middle, but probably not to the left. The political leanings in Lawrence are not like the rest of the state. Davis has to be moderate to win votes. There are not enough liberals.

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Your turn: Expectations guide police plans

Thank you, chief Khatib. This is exactly the type of information I wanted. Please continue to educate the public before the vote. It is difficult to attend open houses and not everyone has internet access. We need articles in the newspaper.

I would like to know how the positions are distributed. At times, probably through grants, we have had bicycle cops, speed traps, and more traffic enforcement. Now, I'd like to see more emphasis on pedestrian issues. I think that if we have more structure, it would guide other safety behaviors as well.

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