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Kansas Gov. Brownback to proclaim Zombie Preparedness Month

Can you imagine what fun the overseas press will have with this one. And Now for our daily report from the United States "Kansas Governor Sam Brownback prepares citizens for imminent attack of Zombies" Jeeeezzzzzzzzz, it's no wonder they think of us the way they do.

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Pinckney teacher receives district's Horizon Award

Way to Go Mark! Pinckney school has been a family tradition in the Sneegas family for over 75 years now. My father was in the very first kindergarten class in the present building back in, I believe 1932. I attended during the 50s and my children during the 80s. My grandchildren are finishing their grade school years there now. You are a great addition to wonderful school full of history and tradition. "Go Pinckney Panthers"

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Teens plead not guilty to attempted aggravated robbery charges

Man, school must be really boring these Days........Hard to believe some of this stuff anymore.

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Authorities apprehend driver after high-speed chase through Lawrence, into county

Good work Law Enforcement! When will people stop this crazy driving? Never I suppose..........

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State gets 14,205 concealed carry applications in past fiscal year

From all the statistics I hear about, the crime rate is dropping! Except in the area of burglaries and home invasions.

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Douglas County administrator proposes 3.85 mill levy increase, the highest in his career

The proposed mill levy increase would raise property taxes on an average $185,000 Lawrence home by about $82. A mill is $1 in taxes for every $1,000 in assessed valuation.

$1 for every $1000 in assessed valuation. Wouldn't that mean $185 for a $185,000 home and not the $82 stated? and if it's a 3.85 mil hike, seems like more like $327 for the $185,000 home not $82.............Someone Explain please!

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A Lawrence Firefighter looks out from inside the burned out shell of a house at 1419 Kentucky, Satur

When I first read about the fire I of course went to Google for a street level picture of the house. Oddly enough in the google picture it showed a large overstuffed couch on the front porch. Is it safe to assume the couch was removed a while back when the city banned couches on the front porches, or is there a possibility that the fire may have started there? Just Curious!

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Group hopes to get City Hall help in promoting hitchhiking

Yah! Lets do all we can to destroy the transit system that has been in place here in town for many years now and is barely making it as is. This is a really silly idea. Bad people that prey on the innocent love wacky ideas like this. I can pretty much guarantee that there would be a tragic event occur in the first year. Lets be sensible here!

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In Lawrence case, court rules an air rifle is not a firearm

Anything can be a weapon if wielded properly. A rolled up newspaper can kill. Lets be sensible here people................

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