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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

I talked to Brad Bryant. You have three days after the candidates are submitted to the state of Kansas... aka three days after each parties' official nominations. Missed it!

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

I just had a very nice phone conversation with Brad Bryant at the SOS office about this. They are going to convene sometime on Monday at a PUBLIC meeting. The time & place will be announced by a press release, I would guess from the Secretary of State's office. The deadline for filing objections was three days after the DNC sent Kansas their candidates so that time has passed.

Elections and Legislative Matters Brad Bryant (785) 296-4561
Media Contact V. Kay Curtis (785) 296-4580
General Questions (785) 296-4564

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

I have called two people at the Kansas Secretary of State office about the procedure for filing an objection. Maybe it's too late... probably... but worth a try.

V. Kay Curtis, Public Affairs Director
Kansas Secretary of State
785-296-4580 | media@sos.ks.gov

and Debra at the office in general: 785-296-4575

I found a bunch of images of Mitt Romney's birth certificate on the Internet that say his Father was a Mexican citizen so I plan on filing an objection along the same lines that Montgomery is stating that the antiquated laws specify that a candidate's Father must be an American citizen.

Why are there no Democratic Party electors in the state of Kansas? http://www.kssos.org/elections/12elec... Probably need to review my basic government knowledge.

Secretary of State is an elected office. Maybe we should start a petition to remove Kobach as he is derilict in his duties by wasting our time considering this issue when it has already been decided. Who knows... maybe it won't take much time but I'd like my scintila of taxes back that paid for it.

Petition for recall of elected official:


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'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act' contains more than tax issues

What a waste of legislative effort. Sad. Wake up! Do some useful work!

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

Right, so just attend and grin and bear it.

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

I wondered about that too. Certainly a bomb threat is a pretty horrible way of dealing with that worry. Just don't attend or grin and bear it. It's a joke to a lot of kids anyway so attending wouldn't have "hurt" them.

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Kan. seeks to end part of abortion insurance suit

Please consider Brownback's call for Reconciliation and understand that what you are proposing would impinge on my rights and values. Let individuals have their beliefs and let government be smaller and serve all. By all means, enjoy youy return to your lord but don't force it upon me with laws.

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Focus on marriage to end poverty misguided, Democratic Party leader says

I think that the government should be careful about what it encourages. You will have people abusing the system no matter which way things go. Maybe if we could make it no difference if you are married or not. That might help avoid bad marriages starting and avoid good marriages from being prevented due to taxes or benefits and what-not.

Unfortunately I'm afraid the "system" may be too complex in order to achieve a balance.

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Election message

See... cato_the_elder... now that's the sort of additional information I was looking for... exactly WHAT is the problem with a liberal/progressive Lawrence and what exactly is the potential consequence. Whether you are right or wrong you have certainly laid out one potential situation nicely: if KU can't keep money rolling in that will take a way a major source of employment and hurt Lawrence.

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