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Wish you were here: Travel woes make Jayhawks miss Swiss festivities

Exactly...amazing how KUAC offered overpriced travel packages as well. If you booked separate, you saved $760-950 depending on your return date and suite category.

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Charlie Weis trying to drum up game-day tradition

I know everyone who posts and writes at ljword is "cautiously optimistic" about the beginning of the Weis era. Let's face it, this is the most talented football team KU has put together since 2008 right now. This team is better prepared already than last year. Sims is going to be ready to tear through TCU on sept 15 and Crist will have adjusted by then. Our o-line and receivers are very talented. Our special teams will be immensely improved. If our defense improves "somewhat" you are looking at a 7 win season. I am certain of one thing: Weis is gonna beat TCU on sept 15 and the buzz will be back in Lawrence by the time the Oct 6 showdown with K-State to give Weis a chance to back up his "we want to be the best team in Kansas" speech. Hold on for what is going to be an interesting ride. That Nov game vs. Iowa State at home might actually mean something this year.

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Awfully close: Kansas barely holds on

The way we finished last night is bad news for Mizzou. They are gonna get waxed Saturday.

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Suspended police officers’ names not released

I'm glad LPD actually did something about this. Lew Perkins didnt control the LPD.

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Notebook: Jeff Withey 1 block short of triple-double

I like the fact that Martin knows his role as a bball coach in Kansas . . . 2nd fiddle to maestro Self. Awesome rivalry as KU improves to 44-3 since 1994. What rivarly? That is almost as amazing as Nebraska's run over our football team from 1968-2005.

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Toughened up, Jeff Withey ‘fabulous’

Excellent points jaywalker, coach self is amazing! Jeff is incredible.

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Regents want KU to raise admission standards

Raise the standards! So tired of hearing the argument that we are going to lose students of color and historically advantaged backgrounds at KU. The fact is that in order for KU to be the best, we must RECRUIT the best to our campus. We need admissions recruiters to pound high schools out of state and in state and market the University well. We need to offer tuition discounts to high performing students and provide retention incentives to those making progress toward degree. KU should incentivize degree completion and create opportunities for a Grad in 4 program for advanced (non-remedial) students. Strengthen the transfer pipeline too, there is gold at the community colleges waiting to be discovered. Sadly, KU personnel are not skilled or strategic enough to implement a plan to increase student success. They outsource to a 3rd party software company to lead the retention effort (at a cost to us KS taxpayers!). Their admissions staff are expert juice and donut providers. Their financial aid staff are great and remain visible in our communities. I am sure some faculty committee of liberals will get together and say that achievement gap at KU will widen with raising admissions and nothing will happen.

Dolph Simons, your take?

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Loss to KSU ‘step back’ for KU

Is there any truth to the Jim Tressel rumors . . . Sources are saying he is being courted by KUAC brass. Can LJWorld please comment on any of these rumors?

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