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Anthropology Department opposes leave for Guth

Maybe it's time for the Chancellor to initiate a committee to explore program discontinuance of the ANTHRO dept. The legislature should examine worthless programs and faculty. How can they defend their colleague. Academic freedom aside, this private comment has a chilling effect on the standards KU sets for its professional conduct by its prestigious personnel. I hope Guth is terminated and I hope all faculty are sent a message that weaving your personal moronic thoughts into the public realm will have consequences. Take your hate speech somewhere else. RCjH

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Dean of KU graduate school to leave for University of British Columbia

This is great news for KU. The political science department rejoiced when he took a higher level job because he ushered in the worst era of graduate studies in that department.

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Journal-World sports section earns APSE Triple Crown; Tom Keegan honored for columns

Kudos, but honestly, your fortunate you are in a small market. It feels like Kansas trying to make it to the Little League World Series or something

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KU football program announces numerous coaching staff tweaks

Ty Greenwood comes with Marquel Combs as a package deal? Matt, any insight?

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Geubelle breaks another KU track record at Tyson Invitational

Google the conversion....geez

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Jayhawks try to refocus with players-only meeting

Maybe it was to ask permission to call Roy Williams for advice on how to run an offense

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Opinion: Point guard Marcus Smart shows KU what it's missing

Also, he likely won't get much exposure with those 2 remaining national TV games in front of a 67% full Iba arena....

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Opinion: Point guard Marcus Smart shows KU what it's missing

I doubt that. He might never get to play in a Sweet 16 or wear a B12 ring...

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Opinion: Point guard Marcus Smart shows KU what it's missing

This was a "good loss." Reminded me of the Tennessee game in 08 in some ways. I believe our boys will learn from this en route to an NCAA title. Stop the complaining....

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City to begin enforcing ordinance requiring sidewalks to be cleared of snow at 8 a.m. Thursday

If I get fined, I will appear in court with my forged physicians note indicating that I was under care/treatment and unable to perform snow removal. Under KS state law, a licensed physicians note will be all I need to avoid this ridiculous ordinance. The city is better off setting up a hotline and funding "snow removal" services for high-pedestrian areas where tenants/owners are unable to clear routes within 48 hrs.

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