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Would you rather watch Texas play USC in the Rose Bowl or KU play Yale tonight?

Posted by Ceallach (anonymous) on January 4, 2006 at 10:30 a.m. (Suggest removal)

"You'd rather watch an underachieving, badly coached hoops team opposed to the natl championship?"

You betcha!! Pip, I can't believe you are such a fair weather friend :) They are OUR (my) underachieving, badly coached hoops team -- that's why most of L-town roots for them. Teams come and go, KU B-Ball fans remain :)

Right on Ceallach

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Would you rather watch Texas play USC in the Rose Bowl or KU play Yale tonight?

Always KU, there should only be checking on the rose bowl during commercials or halftime of the bball game.

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'Dodos' circling around I.D.

Here we go...

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Top 10 Kansans of 2005

Who chose this list???

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Food 4 Less closing today

Food 4 Less was alright for buying canned food or other long lasting items, but I would touch the meat there at all, too scary, similiar to checker's meat.

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Schools among Sebelius' top priorities in '06

I agree chzypoof1. A pretty religious person myself, I see no problem with casinos. People need to control themselves, and there are some small built in rules the boats in KC follow to keep people from losing everything (although they are far from foolproof and I am sure the casinos could care less about keeping people from gambling). But with every addictive habit, moderation is the key and people should have others in their lives that can say something if it gets too bad.

Anyway, if the money did go to the schools, it would be a great way to fund them and provide extra dollars for the extra activities. People can say that casinos are terrible and we should keep them out, but the bottom line is people drive to KC or the Native American casinos everyday and spend money anyways.

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Food 4 Less closing today

Trader Joe's is a good one too, we had those when I lived in Massachusetts.

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Have you been following the success of the Kansas University women's basketball team?

I have been following in the sense that I check kusports.com and see the headlines. I hope they keep winning though.

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