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Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Davis dies one day after retiring

damn, i have quite a few years to go before anything retiring-wise but gives me more reason to never retire and die working my butt off like family members in the past have. Condolences to the family regardless, really tough time i am for sure

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Knology statement on its pending purchase of Sunflower Broadband

guess i'll go old school and listen to radio from here on out

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Revenue department: Lawrence business paid back taxes, can reopen

What about Jade Mongolian BBQ??

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Police alerted about door-to-door scam

I don't buy regardless of it being legit or not. Far rather order it by online order or getting the publication i want and sending the card in

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Collins does not play in Bobcats' summer league game Wednesday

It'll be ok LJ world, not the end of times if someone from KU doesn't play in a basketball game

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Kansas River in danger of flooding

That's what rains such as what we have had and upstream do to a river from time to time i have heard! Way to go Channel World and Journal 6!

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Road to Bloomington Beach at Clinton Lake to reopen Thursday

Great! How does the rest of the road construction out in that area around the south and west sides of the lake looking thus far?

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Company saw sales to athletic department increase after installing equipment in Perkins' home

Finally one time where Mouthpiece Marchiony has nothing to say?! Wow

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Gazing into Big 12: Pundits predict who will challenge for league football title

hardly just a football fan i love KU basketball just seems forced down throats year round. Get to know me before you label me you schmuck! You should get over it that someone is willing to speak out about it, i love all the toher sports at KU and follow them just as well. You are special just like everyone else

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