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Costs, scope of proposed recreation center escalate

the thing I do not understand is that KU has a decent amount of land out behind Ancshutz Pavilion going to 19th street. The old football practice fields where there and it was being planned for the track and field stadium with soccer pitch on the infield to be built there. Along with locker room facilities for softball, soccer and track and field teams. That area is better than it was but could be spruced up some in my opinion. I liked it better when in some instances KU was a separate entity from the city of Lawrence. Utilize the space you have and keep stuff on campus thus achieving that collegiate feel and setting all right there at your disposal

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Winter weather marches across Kansas

100% chance of the weather changing off and on for a really long time. That is pretty certain I would think

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Snowstorm takes aim at western Kansas

potential dead animal on the table migration aside, makes me want to go ice road trucking!

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Crowds celebrate Halloween with downtown trick-or-treating

you tell em! sic em and git em! lol poor sap

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Crowds celebrate Halloween with downtown trick-or-treating

lollipops and suckers must have been cheap this year. I swear that is all my daughter received. No weight gain for me this year for haloween lol

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Marijuana left at Goodwill drop box

unintentional or not, very generous to say the least

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'Dangerously hot weather' expected; NWS extends excessive heat warning to Wednesday

it helps me lose weight, i love this free sauna treatment! lol

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Lawrence tops 100 degrees; excessive heat warning expires

how does one "drink light-colored, loose-fitting clothing?"

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