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The survey is in: What you think of the J-W comics

I am surprised that "Get Fuzzy" ranks so low. However, the last time I read the column I was pasting up pages for a small community newspaper. It *may* have lost its relevance since then.

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The World's Best Beers

Wheat Thresher IPA at Free State.

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Live from the Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale

Great job today, Shaun! You made the story interesting while still maintaining an objective reporter-type point-of-view. I went downtown, didn't find a darn thing, but I did notice that it was considerably slower than last year. My boyfriend and I still managed to find a way to spend our money downtown this year... in the form of beer and tips. :)

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You Might Be

You might be a redneck if you've ever been too drunk to fish... or blog?

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Farmers to gather sweet corn

I got some corn from Dillon's a few weeks ago and was happy enough with it... I can't WAIT until this stuff is ready!! It doesn't even need butter. It's good enough on its own!

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KU doctor explains need for bone marrow donors and how process works

What about folks with a smaller percentage of "ethnic" background??

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Mother doubts teen daughter’s reasons to start taking birth control pills

It seems like the mother just needs to have a good, old-fashioned, sit-down-at-the-kitchen-table-TALK with her daughter. I think 15 is WAY too young to have sex, but I know that it happens. I grew up in a home with a single mom and two older sisters, and sex was never a taboo topic. I'm still relatively young, but I've only had one partner and quite a healthy sex life and I also talked to my mother before I did "IT," even though I was an adult with my own non-momma-funded apartment when I became sexually active. I wasn't embarrassed to ask her for my health insurance cards to go to the doc, even if I knew that she would know that that was what was up. We all have varying opinions on when sex is right, but I don't think that anyone could possibly argue that talking to your mother about sex and all that is related is a bad thing. Just TALK! There is no reason to hide.

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Bicycle caution

I don't see many bicyclists breaking rules (not any more than drivers, anyway), but some of them need to invest in some brighter clothing! A navy blue shirt and black pants with one teeeeny tiny reflector on the bike do not make it easier for me to see you on Iowa at night, Mr. Bicyclist.

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Would you drink wine from a can?

I'm not sure if I would like it, but I would probably give it a try at least once (especially if it were free!)

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What advice would you give incoming freshmen?

Live. It. Up. You'll only be a freshman once. Should you make irresponsible decisions? Yes. Should you also be 100% aware that you and you alone are responsible for your decisions? Yes. College is all about balance.

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