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North Dakota nickname controversy hurts school

My wife is a UND Alum and UND has done much more for native americans than any of the hypocritcal schools in the NCAA, The Univ of Illinois "Fighting Illini" get to keep their name because an affiliated tribe agreed. Many of the schools in the same conference that compete against UND- namely Minnesota and Wisconsin are extremely politically correct and attack UND for its nickname and yet do very little to assist native americans educationally; unlike UND. Also one of the major tribes in North Dakota endorsed the nickname, while the Standing Rock Chief refused to allow the tribe members to vote on the nickname, and polls showed that a vast majority of the members favored the "Fighting Sioux" nickname because it does honor the heritage of the tribe; they were fierce warriors who defeated Custer and the 7th Calvary and also defeated their neighboring tribes to dominate the Northern Plains prior westward expansion.

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