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Simons' Saturday Column: Tax breaks for college athletic ‘charity’ spur scrutiny

What Mr. Simons doesn't mention is athletics donations aren't the same as donating to the academic side of the university. Only 80% of athletics donations are deductible. So if you donate $1000, if it's athletics, you write $800 on your tax return. If it's to the academic side, you write $1000 on your tax return. If you're in the 35% tax bracket, you save $280 on your tax by giving to athletics. If you give to the School of Business, you save $350 in taxes (in this example).

And KU fans had better hope the tax law doesn't change any time soon because it'll severely impact a very badly needed renovation and KU would have to explore all options including bonding from the City of Lawrence or moving the stadium to a more generous municipality. Football is the most popular sport in the country and KU's future in one of the big 4 conferences depends on competing at a higher level in football. A renovated stadium is vital to KU's effort to compete at the highest levels of college sports.

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Regents want KU to raise admission standards

They will have access to higher education; just not at KU. If you can't meet the standards, they can go to one of the state's 19 junior colleges and earn their way in. There's no free lunches. You don't get to go screw around for 4 years or h.s. and go to school anywhere you want. By having miniscule standards, KU has lost out on many of the best and brightest to other states and schools that have admission standards. KU's ranking has steadily dropped the past 20 years devaluing the degree of every KU graduate. It's long overdue to make some positive changes to elevate KU's academic standing. It's sad it took Nebraska losing their AAU status and KU potentially being on the chopping block to get the Kansas BOR to finally wake up.

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Regents want KU to raise admission standards

Wow, great news! Welcome to the 21st Century, Kansas Board of Regents! I guess better late than never, but how incompetent of a board do you have to have to be close to the last state in the country to increase admissions standards?

Well, it'll be interesting to see what KU's Admissions standards change to. I really don't expect them to change all that much, but a little incremental change would be good to see how it goes. Kudos to Fred Logan and Ed McKechnie for finally seeing the light!

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KU engineering school receives $32 million gift from Spahr family

Kudos to the Spahr family. What a generous and phenomenal gift! Thank you!

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City OKs tailgating at Oread hotel

Wow, when did so many Lawrence residents get so uptight? They should be cheering for everything that will build up Gameday and make KU Football a bigger deal. UT gets 150,000 tailgating for a 100,000 seat stadium. You start drawing more people in town than what the stadium holds and all that extra tax revenue helps hold everyone's taxes down and better fund the city.

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Oread street closure plan deferred

Definitely a great idea. The more events to attract people in and around the stadium, the better. KU should be shooting to get a minimum of 75,000 people in town for every home game. They need to build up gameday on the Hill and even the Oread is a good spot. Glad to see someone is thinking big. Texas gets 150,000 people in tailgating to fill a 100k stadium. We can grow our football fanbase too and the bigger an event gameday is, the better.

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Big Ten making overtures to … Texas

If I was the Big 10, Texas would be my #1 choice. There's probably not a school in the country that would bring a larger fanbase than UT. That's a no brainer decision for the Big 10. Texas has to consider if it wants to be a fish out of water and basically lose its influence over a conference.

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Kansas Athletics to give $40 million to academic programs at KU

Kansas, did you read the article? Revenues from the sale of seats are expected to finance the project’s $34 million construction cost and the $40 million academic commitment. The seats aren't sold yet.

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Fans: Bundle up for a chilly game

Why would anyone wear MU colors to the biggest KU game ever? Either sell your ticket or spend a few bucks and buy some crimson and blue. Or ask a friend to help you out. Geez.

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