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KU Med trying to remove boy declared brain-dead from life support

Where did you get your info that KU Med does not accept the uninsured? I know for a fact that this is not true...this hospital accepts care of more private pay patients than you would think...I was one of them six years ago and received the best care than I have ever received. It was NOT for a medical emergency...just a simple clinic visit.

As for organ donations...the patient's family has not said whether they approve or disapprove the use of his organs for donation. They are making the hospital look like they are waiting in the wings for a liver, but don't acknowledge whether they chose to donate or not. I seriously sympathize with this family, and hope that they will someday see that if you get a room full of doctors to agree on something, it is usually for the greater good. When have you seen several doctors agree on anything?

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KU Med trying to remove boy declared brain-dead from life support

Since when do hospitals stop treating people because of the cost? The fact that so many conclusions are being drawn is disturbing.

Perhaps there are more ethical than financial reasons behind this?

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10 more cases of mumps diagnosed

MMR vaccinations are not 100% effective. That is why women are screened at pregnancy for an MMR titer. Many times women must be re-vaccinated after they deliver their little ones for having a negative titer or equivalent titer...even when they have been vaccinated.

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Supporters rally behind crossing guard


Lawrence Schools better call DeSoto School system and tell THEM to stop waving also. It must be a requirement that they wave there and the KIDS LOVE IT!

Distracting? Give me a break. Perhaps the parents that complain about this need to be taking the Ritalin and get over it.

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

In my line of work, I see MANY women who use abortion as birth control. IT IS INFURIATING!!! Is having a baby really so tragic that you must kill a human being? These women see it as an inconvenience that they have to scrounge up another $300 (or more) to cover their mistake. It's no big deal...just like they have to cover a home repair or something.

"Oops, had too much booze at the Cadillac Ranch last night and had a fling. Guess another baby dies while I give up my allowance for another Prada purse! Mommy and Daddy would be so mad if I made them a Granparent right now."

"Darn. The guy that I am dating isn't really 'The One'. Bye, bye, baby. I've got to meet some other fish in the sea."

"Sorry, little one...I have a big promotion coming up at work and this just isn't convenient."

Some of these women conceive after an abortion and ironically have problems carrying to term. They are devastated that they have lost an infant at the same gestation that they had an abortion in previously. "A bunch of cells" yesterday and a real baby tomorrow.

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Towing bill paid; family to regain Christmas gifts

Whoever was right or wrong...blah, blah, blah. If they scammed, they are benefited by WHAT? A few extra hundred dollars and a totaled car. WOO HOO.

LOOK AT BONNIE'S CUT UP FACE. Think of the costs there. Think of what she is putting up with right now. No car, no job, an ER bill, a Labor and Delivery bill, worry about her baby's physical health. Seems like a few hundred dollars in her pocket will help just a little bit. She could use it.

Thank you to whoever helped out. There is no sweeter thing than a cheerful giver.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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'Opt-out' bracelets distributed for blood substitute

I agree, "enrollment" is not a fair term for this study since most patients will not have a chance to "enroll" prior to administration of this drug. It looks like once they are stable and alert, they will be given the opportunity to enroll for the remainder of the 12 hours, or opt-out.

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'Opt-out' bracelets distributed for blood substitute


I am sure that Joint Commission is aware of this trial.

"Currently, enrollment is underway at 17 Level I trauma centers across the United States. A list of those centers is available at www.clinicaltrials.gov. The FDA has approved this study as well as a total of 22 Institutional Review Boards. One IRB did not approve the study."

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'Opt-out' bracelets distributed for blood substitute

I'm sure it is difficult to get appropriate consent when a patient is bleeding out in the ambulance! These people NEED blood before they are wheeled into the ER. Even a few minutes count when it comes to bleeding. Count me in!

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Alcohol policy nearly in place

Funny that people act like this is the first time they have seen testing such as this. If you want a JOB in certain places, your urine is tested for drugs. Yes, I know, drugs are illegal and alcohol is not. However underage drinking is illegal and the school system is helping keep illegal activity out of their buildings. Good for them.

If you don't want your kids tested, don't let them go. If you think your kids are such adults you should give THEM the choice of "Do I want to go to the dance, or not?" Let THEM refuse and stay home if it is such a big deal to THEM. Personally, I prefer to teach my children about the bigger problems of the world than lead them to waste their energy on this.

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