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Letter: Pathetic act

Not only are the actions pathetic and contemptible, but they cast an unfortunate impression about the citizenry of Lawrence, who are typically very broad-minded about opposing teams, symbols and things in general, except perhaps politics. I'm sure that my fellow long-time Lawrence residents join me in an apology for the unknown vandal, and we hope that your dad will come back - I guarantee that most of us will value his presence.

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Letter: Glad it’s over

While I certainly agree that it is good to have the election over, for all the reasons you mention, the cost of it doesn't sound disproportionate with other craziness - we Americans spent $18.1 Billion in 2013 with Yum Brands restaurants - KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Considering that the majority of the election money was spent in four states, we in Kansas can go have a burrito and consider the cost of the election as a bargain for us. Just sayin'.

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Lawrence voters reject sales tax for $28 million police headquarters

All of you seem to have very legitimate ideas about the failure to pass, and the commission and Police Chief should pay attention to these. As Jerry Harper has pointed out, this process was a rush to spend more taxpayers' money in the name of law enforcement, rather than an orderly planning process with all the options studied. It doesn't take forever if you manage it well - we apparently don't have much in the way of planning expertise from the City Manager and the planning department. And it is painfully obvious that the Police Chief is not a good manager - there, I've said it.

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Opinion: ‘War on women’ an insulting tactic

I have been reviewing your comments, and the common thread is that everyone is stupid or an idiot except you. Would that correctly summarize your feelings?

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Opinion: Important choice for Kansas

Stop with the name calling - it does not make someone stupid because they disagree with your point of view and articulate their beliefs in a way that you don't appreciate. Stop. Stop.

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Letter: Acknowledge biases

This is the business school, not philosophy class. And the professor throws around the term "biases" rather loosely. Would that include being better at what he did in the real world than certain academics and retired professors? People in business network in the real world. (This ought to give Merrill something else to waste our time on.)

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Saturday Column: U.S. can’t ignore threat posed by illegal immigration

Stop it! It is no more ignorant than what you say - it is highly opinionated, just like what you say. Leslie is correct - keep a civil tongue. This kind of response just inflames more opinions.

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City now has new opening date in mind for Rock Chalk Park recreation center; update on ice rink idea for downtown plaza

If it were a legitimate construction manager, they would meet the schedule. Period. Watch the back-slapping in progress.....

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Tea party push intensifies in Senate race

Just call him Merrill. Memories of the same nonsense will be evident.

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City being asked to approve thousands of dollars to address leakage issues at Rock Chalk Park rec center

Jeff is 500% correct, and if they had hired a decent, experienced GC/CM, that company would also have had the experience and have done a constructability review to make certain that the details were in the design, that they would work and that there was already money in the GC's contingency for this kind of additional work. This is worst kind of incestuous result of giving work to a contractor with inadequate risk management experience in a no-bid, back slapping agreement. The City should not be charged for any of this. And who inspected the work when installed and should have caught the faults? I believe that I know.

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