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Letter: Figures disputed

I think your letter suggests sensible caution should be used until all the real facts are in - thanks, Ken.

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Letter: Minimum wage

I would say the answer to your last question is "yes", and it is a complicated analysis to decide why there are so many prototypical users and fewer contributors. I certainly don't know all the answers, nor understand the lack of enthusiasm. Perhaps several generations of lack of parental guidance have contributed.

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Letter: Don’t blame ethanol

This is just a somewhat uninformed guess, but the amount and type of land that is now put into CRP has also changed from 1985 to 2008 with the passage of five Farm Bills by congress. I would guess that simple blame for the use or perceived misuse of land since those legislative changes is not that easy to place. And understanding why in light of CRP requirements and payments any farmer would choose to put land into any particular kind of production is probably more complicated than most people would realize. As Mr. Lassman suggests, it may take some period of time for farmers to decide why and how much land they keep in uses that happen to be compatible with butterfly habitat. And I say that with all appreciation for habitat conservation and development, as our garden is a certified Monarch Watch waystation.

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Saturday Column: Why do Koch contributions trigger such scorn?

Is this a current example of progressive spelling and grammar?

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Transit system reaches 1 million users

And for those who apparently haven't researched their facts and info, here is an email from Danny Kaiser at KU Parking & Transit:

Mr. George,
You are correct. No student fees are paid to the City of Lawrence for the operation of the T. Student fees pay for operational costs of KU on Wheels through the University contract with MV Transportation. KUOW and the T honor each other’s fare media so any passenger can ride either service simply by showing that fare media.
Danny Kaiser
Assistant Director, Parking & Transit
1501 Irving Hill Road
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045

Because 90% of the receipts supporting the T come from the sales tax that was added by popular vote, my original comment regarding the students benefitting from the persons who pay the most sales tax still stands.

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Transit system reaches 1 million users

What part of the Journal World articles and the approved City budget don't you believe? The original news article that we have posted to refers to the T, not the KU portion of the coordinated transit system, and it was regarding the T that I directed my original remark, which the other articles and the budget substantiate. Please tell me which part of this you consider nonsense.

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Transit system reaches 1 million users

Richard, I've told you a million times never to exaggerate......

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Transit system reaches 1 million users

Regarding my statement about the Adopted City of Lawrence budget for 2014, I should have said Page 108, which is Page 120 in the Adobe document.

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Transit system reaches 1 million users

Referring to the news article entitled "KU and city announce five-year contracts for bussing services", dated December 18, 2013, I see the following:
1) The two transit systems are coordinated, but NOT the same system.
2) KU pays MV separately for the KU transit system - "About two-thirds of those costs are covered by KU student fees, with the other third coming from parking fees, Kaiser said." It appears that the student fees earmarked for public transportation end up here.
The City of Lawrence contracts separately with MV Transportation, and the City of Lawrence budget for 2014 shows line items for public transportation receipts on Page 120 as only $305,674 for fare box receipts, and $3,054,450 from transfers in from the General Operating Fund. A footnote explains that the sales tax receipts that are earmarked for public transporation go into the General Operating Fund and then are transferred into the Public Transportation Fund. Nowhere do I see a receipt for KU students fees as part of the operating funds for the T. So all of us who pay sales tax, which to a limited extent does include student contributions, actually pay for nearly ten times what the T brings in fares. I believe that Mr. Farkus and Mr. Hargis have a mixed understanding of where the revenue side of the T operation comes from. The students benefit by being allowed to ride the T by showing their cards without KU reimbursing the City for that portion of the ridership.

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Transit system reaches 1 million users

To all the KU students who used to pay for their fares, but now just show their ID: You're welcome, from a fed-up taxpayer. This goes to show you that you can make the ridership numbers look like anything you want if you give away enough free rides. Let's face it, the T isn't any better - we are still subsidizing a very generous loser.

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