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Letter: ‘Pot’ success

I would agree with nearly everything you have pointed out. One of the few difficulties with Colorado's new industry is that because the Feds will not allow banks to be involved in transactions with the pot industry, it is entirely a cash transaction business. Plus many banks have incorrectly closed personal bank accounts of persons who are involved in management or operations of pot production and sales, believing that they are laundering money through their personal accounts. And their children's accounts, etc. There needs to be a considerable legislative effort made to create a "pot industry credit union" or similar institution(s) to allow the money side of the business to run smoothly. Right now, there is a growing concern about security of cash management - such as worries that there will be an increase in robberies, etc. So far, there are very few serious crimes that have been traced to pot cash, but that is one area where law enforcement officials are justifiably holding their collective breaths. I am a property owner in Colorado as well as Lawrence and have watched the revolution there within the previous year.

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Letter: Premier facility

In fact, they are concrete shrinkage (not expansion) cracks, which could have been prevented by proper curing techniques and timely control joints. Perhaps we should have more persons familiar with actual construction techniques and shortcomings writing letters, rather than folks who are willing to accept it no matter how sloppily the work was done. The fact is, Leslie, there should still be contractual means to make certain the shortcomings are corrected completely at the contractor's expense. After all, this is a business deal, not an experience where you shrug your shoulders and accept a half-a$$ed job. Let's get what we paid for, and then it will be a good facility.

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Kansas quakes likely caused by disposal of saltwater that results from oil and gas fracking process

Please explain why you refer to SD banks. Because there are purportedly lots of big banks there, or because they are taking care of area business?

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Lawrence commission reverses Rock Chalk Park stance after serious accounting questions emerge

A great deal of the blame for the speed and direction this has taken lies with KU Endowment, who also pushed the City into these deals. I am in agreement with all of you who have complained about the City's incompetence along with the commission's questionable understandings, but while you are getting correctly upset with the City, let's not forget that what has happened between the Fritzels and KU Endowment is an unethical business deal. Of course, they are a private entity, but that doesn't relieve them of the need to keep all deals ethical. Plus, what other companies would be paid in the construction world for their loans and closing costs? From 45 years of construction management experience, I can tell you - NO OTHERS. This project just got $500K too expensive when they billed for those incorrect loan costs.

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City Commission set to decide whether it wants audit of Rock Chalk Park work

In this case, Mr. Holroyd is 100% correct, and I can't quite figure out where you stand on the issues. Did you happen to make money on the project, or is this just one of your million opinions?

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City Commission set to decide whether it wants audit of Rock Chalk Park work

Just to pick on one item in the costs that are being passed along to the City, the taxpayers, and KU Endowment- Loan origination fees and interest. First of all, if the amount of $500,000 is accurate, that should be the very first thing investigated. That tells me that they could not cash-flow the project and so had to borrow money and feel that those costs should be part of the cost. People, people, people! If Endowment and the City had decided to legitimately hire a proven sports construction management firm like JE Dunn, McCown-Gordon, Turner or Hunt, there wouldn't have been ANY costs for loan origination and interest. And the quality control on the project would have been handled by graduate engineers with experience in concrete placement and curing, along with many other work areas. This is not a gift to the City - this is purely a gift to the Fritzels, probably because Dale Seuferling knows that he owes them for years of contributions, and the payback is that he helped ram Bliss Sports down the City's throat, with the help of the commission and City Manager. And this is all I have to say about that....

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One confirmed dead in head-on collision on K-10 bypass

Why don't we wait and find out the details of the causes of the crash, before assuming what has happened. Also refrain from preaching about unrelated issues.

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Letter: Pathetic act

Not only are the actions pathetic and contemptible, but they cast an unfortunate impression about the citizenry of Lawrence, who are typically very broad-minded about opposing teams, symbols and things in general, except perhaps politics. I'm sure that my fellow long-time Lawrence residents join me in an apology for the unknown vandal, and we hope that your dad will come back - I guarantee that most of us will value his presence.

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Letter: Glad it’s over

While I certainly agree that it is good to have the election over, for all the reasons you mention, the cost of it doesn't sound disproportionate with other craziness - we Americans spent $18.1 Billion in 2013 with Yum Brands restaurants - KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Considering that the majority of the election money was spent in four states, we in Kansas can go have a burrito and consider the cost of the election as a bargain for us. Just sayin'.

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Lawrence voters reject sales tax for $28 million police headquarters

All of you seem to have very legitimate ideas about the failure to pass, and the commission and Police Chief should pay attention to these. As Jerry Harper has pointed out, this process was a rush to spend more taxpayers' money in the name of law enforcement, rather than an orderly planning process with all the options studied. It doesn't take forever if you manage it well - we apparently don't have much in the way of planning expertise from the City Manager and the planning department. And it is painfully obvious that the Police Chief is not a good manager - there, I've said it.

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