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City now has new opening date in mind for Rock Chalk Park recreation center; update on ice rink idea for downtown plaza

If it were a legitimate construction manager, they would meet the schedule. Period. Watch the back-slapping in progress.....

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Tea party push intensifies in Senate race

Just call him Merrill. Memories of the same nonsense will be evident.

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City being asked to approve thousands of dollars to address leakage issues at Rock Chalk Park rec center

Jeff is 500% correct, and if they had hired a decent, experienced GC/CM, that company would also have had the experience and have done a constructability review to make certain that the details were in the design, that they would work and that there was already money in the GC's contingency for this kind of additional work. This is worst kind of incestuous result of giving work to a contractor with inadequate risk management experience in a no-bid, back slapping agreement. The City should not be charged for any of this. And who inspected the work when installed and should have caught the faults? I believe that I know.

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Opinion: Liberals must show tolerance


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Rainfall not a record but still substantial

Our rain gauge also had 4.1" in it, and we are in southwest Lawrence. That was for the period from Monday noon to Tuesday at 2 p.m.

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KNEA announces plans to file lawsuit over teacher tenure

Due to somewhat inconsistent findings since the 1960's by the Supreme Court concerning due process and property rights, I would suppose that some court will need to again take up whether continued employment as a public school teacher is a constitutionally protected property right and subject to due process. So I somewhat agree with Mr. Plinsky, although his statement that the due process rights ARE property is not universally supported by the Court's findings. And Mr. Minkin is very correct - it isn't tenure. The media and legislature seem to have picked that word to misrepresent the process. That may be on purpose, however, since the legislature apparently suffers from tenure paranoia and can't get past that. For any readers who say that it is not a concern to legitimate teachers, there are a number of documented cases over the last 30 years in Kansas in which the teacher's due process exposed serious problems with the school boards and administrators. And it can be something as obvious as a personality conflict, which seems to be handled better in private businesses. I don't know what the ultimate solution is, but it isn't what was just made into recent Kansas law.

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Editorial: Broadband leap

That's not much of a business plan - "...making an attempt to provide this service..." When they are properly capitalized, I would support it.

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City advisory board recommends $1 million loan guarantee for high-speed broadband project

I wish I could "like" Ms. Elliott's post times 1000. This is shortsighted inbreeding at it's worst. Thanks to Mike Amyx for at least saying no once.

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Letter: Figures disputed

I think your letter suggests sensible caution should be used until all the real facts are in - thanks, Ken.

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Letter: Minimum wage

I would say the answer to your last question is "yes", and it is a complicated analysis to decide why there are so many prototypical users and fewer contributors. I certainly don't know all the answers, nor understand the lack of enthusiasm. Perhaps several generations of lack of parental guidance have contributed.

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