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Governor appoints three to Kansas Board of Regents

Thanks especially to Kenny Wilk for his past service on the board and to the state in general. A wise and sensible gentleman.

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Kansas legislators approve 'Band-Aid' budget with largest tax increase in state history

I like your suggestion, but I fear that the Democratic legislators don't have the cajones to make that happen, let alone the votes - either in the legislature or the public.

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Appeals board questions Douglas County codes enforcement policy

Since I am a retired construction manager with 45 years' experience, and aside from Kobach being involved, I completely disagree with you, Scott. Building codes for residential and agricultural buildings need to be applied as national codes require. If the new inspector isn't up to the task, the county should replace him with someone who is making decisions based on knowledge of codes with some common sense thrown in, but rules are rules. And while Weinaug wrings his hands about policy, it is very obvious that codes administration is not being enacted.

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What does Memorial Day mean to you?

Of the individuals interviewed, I can only guess that their parents did not impress upon them the importance of the holiday for respecting and honoring the individuals in military and civilian service who have kept our freedoms possible. And quite possibly, they were not included in Memorial Day tributes or taking flowers to cemeteries to celebrate the lives and deeds of not only the veterans, but their other ancestors. That's the only conclusion I can come to.... But that's just me.

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Uber hires former Brownback campaign manager as lobbyist

"...although many legislators may be reluctant to cross the governor." What kind of legislature do we have? Oh, that's right, we already know the answer..... Somebody needs to grow some political cajones.

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Taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of flights that KU defends as essential

Let's see a comparison of the total costs to the University last year versus the financial benefits, broken down. At least you don't have any good old boy contractors to muddy up the water with their accounting on this issue.

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Taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of flights that KU defends as essential

I can absolutely guarantee you that someone is passing these articles to their friends and associates in the Kansas Legislature as we speak, and it will be on the legislative "bulletin board" tomorrow. It is an excellent set of articles that are well-researched and written. Kudos to the JW and the writer, and I don't see anything inconsistent about presenting different situations that don't necessarily coincide within the paper each week - even though the amount of high-quality content seems to have slipped. If the officials involved in the decisions to operate the University, or Endowment, or Athletics don't see the ethical standards that they are violating as contributing to the perceptions of state legislators, they are more determined to throw the taxpayers under the bus than I had imagined. Shame on all of them.

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Taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of flights that KU defends as essential

I'm trying to figure out - what do you think is important?

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Construction bids for Lawrence sewer plant come in higher than expected

I'm not certain if this answer will help any or where it puts my opinions versus those of either of you. I know from current market knowledge that most large GC's/CM's are making anywhere from 1.5% to 3.0% profit, plus the actual cost of their job staff and auditable soft costs. And because Crossland's group of companies uses many non-union subcontractors, competing with them would not allow any company to ask for and receive exhorbitant profit levels. The biggest problem here is probably the fact that most engineering and architecture firms do not do a very good job of estimating construction costs simply because they are really not in that market. So the engineer's estimate in this case may well have misled everyone to think that it would come in lower.

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As audit begins, questions about Rock Chalk Park accounting grow

I wonder why the City entered into the development agreement including the payment of construction loan origination fees and interest to the various Fritzel companies, and then the interest paid apparently went up from the amount stated in the agreement. Does the City have anyone, including legal assistance, capable of having read the development agreement and question whether those costs should have been allowed as part of the "soft costs". I know exactly why KUEA allowed the Fritzel companies to include those costs, but why didn't the City and legal staff disagree and refuse to pay those up front? As I have mentioned in a previous thread, if a substantial and financially sound construction manager had been awarded the project on a competitive basis, those costs ($500K or more) would not even have been included in the approved agreement. If you want to look at hourly costs for staking, please do that - I prefer to object to large amounts that were allowed as a gift to the Fritzel companies. And the CM fee that was allowed is not competitive with other substantial, experienced CM companies. Another gift.

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