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Haskell Indian Nations University's Leadership limbo

sbobandme (anonymous) replies…

It certainly is a ridiculous situation. There is not a company in the U.S. being run as poorly as Haskell has been run lately. My wife and I as taxpayers would like too know why Dr. Warner is not being bought back? Does the BIA not want Haskell run as a real university should? A nine percent graduation rate, just does not cut it. With this statement we do strongly agree " The $1.4 million grant is nice, but if federal officials really want to help Haskell, they should quit delaying and return Warner to Lawrence and allow her to oversee and initiate new policies and academic opportunities". Bring her back.
September 30, 2010 at 3:58 p.m.

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Haskell Indian Nations University's Leadership limbo

Practicality (anonymous) says…

I am totally flabbergasted that this has taken so long to be rectified. With all the negative information being put out about Haskell. What the heck is so difficult in either bringing Warner back or putting in someone else. I am starting to think that the ineptness of Haskell leadership is just a reflection of the ineptness of the BIA. Seriously, as much negative publicity that has been generated by this, and the the inquiry by Senator Roberts, and the negative comments from students, and the terrible graduation rate, this seems like the easiest decision a government official could make. What will it hurt to put someone else in charge?
September 30, 2010 at 8:49 a.m.

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Is Haskell Indian Nations University Breaking The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution?

From the KU website: Link: www.housing.ku.edu/handbook/safety.shtml
Room Entry/Search
Residents have a right to privacy and are protected against unreasonable searches of their rooms. Student housing staff may enter a resident's room, suite or apartment without notice in emergencies where imminent danger to life, safety, health, or property is reasonably feared. A resident who submits a maintenance request has invited staff to enter to perform requested maintenance. In order to maintain an environment that facilitates academic success of other residents, staff also will enter a room to turn off an alarm, stereo, television, or other item left unattended and that is causing a disturbance. Before entering a room, staff will attempt to locate the residents.
Safety Checks
During all vacation periods and occasionally throughout the semester, safety checks are conducted in the residence and scholarship halls and every Jayhawker Towers apartment to ensure the space has been left in safe condition. Notice is posted at least 24 hours in advance. Policy violations in plain view will be documented and disciplinary action will be taken.
All residence hall and scholarship hall suites and Jayhawker Towers and Stouffer Place apartments will receive a health and safety check once each semester to ensure cleanliness and continued optimal operation and condition of the facility. Residents will receive at least 24 hours notice before the safety checks.

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Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn fully supports Haskell Indian Nations University’s Board of Regent President:George Tiger.

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nice one..keep it up..........

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Breaking News: Larry Echohawk Names Keith Moore New Bureau of Indian Education Director.

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Keith is a nice guy and tries hard, but he didn't accomplish much when he was Indian Education Coordinator for the state of SD. He told me once about a few years ago that if he did't succeed as the South Dakota IEC he was going to quit and do something else, I think that is what happened.

They like to brag about his tribal enrollment, but if he didn't tell you he was Indian, you probably couldn't tell either. Don't look for any major problems to get solved in the BIA education system.

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PATIENCE RUNS OUT: Haskell Indian Nations University doesn’t need a public relations campaign; it needs a strong leader.

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Caesarea (anonymous) says…

(haskellrises09) I don't think it is Dr. Moore. It is still mister.
And this editorial seems at odds with LJW's article that says "Warner bypassed for Director job" which would have more accurately been "Warner, Hamley, Martin, Longie, Cook, Stevens bypassed for Director" I guess Mark Fagan has a bit of a bias in reporting the facts; probably the "queen of mean" pissed him off and he knows she can't publicly say anything.

If we assume that everything said about Warner is true (good and bad) and everything said about actings is true (good and bad) then I wonder if it is better to a Queen of Mean or Evil and Incompetent? Just rhetorical, but this is a Blog.

It's too bad Warner can't publicly comment about the vote of no confidence. Especially in light of the fact that her initial vote of no confidence in the Board of Regents caused it. I think it was Warner who took the staff's advice and asked why are we paying all this money for these guys to come at GRaduation and Homecoming to do no business, make no recommendations on how they are going to work to create a university (probably because most have never seen how a real university works) but take their per diem and pester haskell staff to take them to walmart. Isn't there a walmart in every town in this country now?

Give and take all of this speculation, you still can't get past the fact that Stephanie Bighorn is responsible and that makes Larry Echohawk responsible for not supervising her and Ken Salazar responsible for not superivising him. Oh yes, and the President, an office that waits until a Cobell litigation size problem arises before it is addressed. Obama inherited another mess.

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PATIENCE RUNS OUT: Haskell Indian Nations University doesn’t need a public relations campaign; it needs a strong leader.

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doubledogleg (anonymous) says…

strong leadership at BIE and at Haskell should focus on the fundamentals of educating students to compete in today's world rather than fostering a politically correct environment with little accountability among faculty, employees or student body.

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PATIENCE RUNS OUT: Haskell Indian Nations University doesn’t need a public relations campaign; it needs a strong leader.

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Danimal (anonymous) says…

The Fed should either close Haskell, or get serious about making it a decent university. With the right leadership in place Haskell could have a satellite campus on every major reservation in the country.

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PATIENCE RUNS OUT: Haskell Indian Nations University doesn’t need a public relations campaign; it needs a strong leader.

haskellnews commentary
Nothing fishy about it at all.
However, if you have a problem with it, or simply don't understand it:
We kindly suggest that you just don't read it, it is not a mantory read.

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PATIENCE RUNS OUT: Haskell Indian Nations University doesn’t need a public relations campaign; it needs a strong leader.

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goldpurple6 (anonymous) says…

I agree, a public relations campaign is not what is needed at this time. If the acting administration understood the inner workings of post secondary education and the importance of building capacity, research (which aids in current teaching practices) and outreach then maybe they would not be in this predicament. Unfortunately, they along with their supporting administrator in DC lack the experience and barely have the education needed to run a post secondary institution. What did Dr. Warner do that brought upon her removal? And why is it that the acting administrators who were given a directive not to speak to the media continue to violate it and do so? In the meantime only one side is being heard and Dr. Warner is unable to give her views of the current situation. Is there something wrong with this or am I missing something here?
The current acting administration I am told is undoing everything that would have justified Haskell being a university. I am sure it won’t be long before the RED Center, established for faculty and students to promote research, study abroad, fellowships and houses the visiting Fulbright Scholars program will be on the list to go because it was a Warner initiative. This is just one example, I am sure it will be a matter of time before other initiatives and programs created during Dr. Warner’s tenure will be dissolved. We have seen this acting administration stop the process of getting more 4 year programs at Haskell.
The current acting administration recently solicited a call for proposals to aid in redeveloping their strategic plan. You would think there would be enough resources of people at Haskell, within the Bureau of Indian Education and BIA, and partnering organizations that might volunteer their time to assist with this effort. But I guess it is easier to pay out money that they don’t have. Does this make sense? Strong leadership is definitely needed at Haskell, the Bureau of Indian Education and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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