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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees

haskellnew commentary has no idea how the student handled the survey he took in 2009. Things are different in 2012. Native students are smart, smart enough to know when their rights are being violated. They are in college now and the status of their rooms should be left up to them. Not anyone else. It is a violation of their rights. These students do not live in Russia nor in boarding school times. Safety checks of their rooms is all that needs to be done. KU does these twice a semester with no punishment to any of their students. Safety checks, check only for the safety of rooms bad wires, etc and they have nothing to do with how messy a room may or may not be. If a student is really bothered by the condition of a room this needs to be bought up to dorm staff. That is why they are there. Just because these are Native students gives no one any rights to mistreat them or try to violate their rights by telling them they are not allowed to have an attorney present. They are US and tribal citizens and as such they ALWAYS have a right to legal counsel. Room checks need to go and as earlier stated if housing cannot make them go, then the head of housing need to go as do any staff enforcing room checks. Room checks are only the tip of the housing iceberg to us. Why are Haskell students not allowed to choose their own roommates? If there are empty rooms it seems that many Haskell students could and should have access to their own rooms. Here again we run into the boarding school mentality of why should we let them have rooms of their own. Were the dorms not build for the students to enjoy? haskellnews commentary will continue to pursue this matter until it is resolved because it violates the rights of Native students.

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Dan Wildcat notes that Haskell's problems are rooted in the ....Union.

We received these questions from a reader today:

To each his own. Have you asked Wildcat about any of the traditional ways of his people that he follows? Is the answer...none? Does a good instructor not walk the talk? Is he more white than Native? If so how can he teach Native students from a Native perspective? He has not and does not live that life does he?

Does anyone know if Dan uses(or has used) grant money to try and become an expert in a scientific field when that is not his degree? Does, he follows the norm for some Haskell employees?Also are there any Haskell faculty who have affairs with their students? And then maybe hires them? If so, is it not difficult to respect this kind of person regardless if you think he is a good instructor? Questions, questions questions…..

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And the next President of Haskell Indian Nations University is ……

misterz (anonymous) says…
Thanks for the info!

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Senator Rand Paul rallies to shut down The Bureau of Indian Education and The Bureau of Indian Affairs.

einy's (anonymous) says…
with all the casinos and the money generated from them there is no need for any of the bureaus. Let them manage their own affairs.

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Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, lands on CBS Money Watch Hall of Shame.

He!!, if you can keep the students there an extra year that's another year of tuition that mom and dad or the GOVERNMENT has to pay.

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Is enrollment down at Haskell Indian Nations University?

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doctorwhofan~plot not hot~T...
This school actually sounds almost hilarious in how bad it sounds.

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Is enrollment down at Haskell Indian Nations University?

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A New Trail of Tears?

LukeBremen says:
Obama could care less.

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Is Haskell Indian Nations University’s New Windfall Just The Old TRIO Grant? No, It's Not.

We stand corrected and have made the change from TERO to TRIO.
haskellnews commentary

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Haskell Indian Nations University's Leadership limbo

oneeye_wilbur (anonymous) says…

Wonder what Dudley Haskell would think about this? Of course hardly anyone knows about Dudley.

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