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Should the U.S. Supreme Court hold investigative hearings on warrantless wiretapping?

Gender has everything to do with it... Men's amd Women's brains run very differently and different outcomes presented. Men compartmentalize their plans which allow quick decisions based on the facts at hand. Women most generally think and arrive at decisions using both sides of their brains at the same time (they have more neurons crossing both halves of their brains than men do. So for deliberation and very care ful thought Women are best suited for these jobs - the Senate and the judiciary.

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Should the U.S. Supreme Court hold investigative hearings on warrantless wiretapping?

I really don't care if the government is tapping or not. I don't care what they hear. I don't believe in the structure of the US Government today anyway, I do believe in the Constitution. I do think the founders did screw up on the genders who should sit in the three houses of the government. I would make the House of Represenatives all men, the Senate all women. The Judiciary all women, and the presidency all male. If an offical in the Government wanted to find you, they could track you down in less than five minutes. No body in this nation has been truly free since the 1820's.

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Report: Sugary snacks should be suspended

Again it relates to what blood type you are and the metabolic rate that each blood type runs on. For example you take a native japanese who historically and gentically are A and B blood types. That are designed to eat vegetables and smal animals like pig and goat and course seafood. to make that person eat a type O diet (red meat and potatoes), they are going to be two ton tony's in a month. Their bodies are simply not genetically designed to efficently metabolize a O type diet. If a type O blood type eats an A type diet they will gain wieght because they won't be able to efficently handle the high vegetable fats and Complex carbs for fuel. Like the American Indian (type O's) they eat buffalo and used it all for various uses, their diet was great lacking in vegetables, their bodies broke down the fat in to carbs to burn. I ran Cross Country at Shawnee Mission South in the 70's and at Clear Lake High School my senior year. just outside the in the lockeroom in the halls was a beverage machine that dropped a cup down and you got about a cup and half of soda. Afer a daily work out of 15 miles, a little cup of Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper really hit the spot.

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Report: Sugary snacks should be suspended

the original Bob, Potatoes in the Type A system and also tomatoes, interfere with effective digestion. Some of the white cells in the small intestine will start attacking the antigens in the potato cells you have just eaten. This over time can cause inflamation inthe mucus lining of the Small intestine. Now you may be able to tolerate them if your mother or father is an O blood type and as a result you own personal genetic code protects you. For example I can eat tomatoes, my mother is a type O. O's can eat tomatoes. Dr. A'Damo has a center up in New Hampshire where his home office is located. I have friend who is under his care now and has been dealing with Fibromyalgia and is feeling a hell of alot better, still has the disease, but by eating right according to his food list for her blood type, she says she can handle the rough days better. When you actually become a patient of his the study in detail your genetic history and if you are blended with another blood type because one of your parents is different than you, they will research what foods out of your basic blood type you can eat. For those that just buy the book and read it, they have to figure out on their own, what other foods out of their main line they can eat. Initially you know what food just don't agree with you, give you excess gas, cause abdominal cramping (with know blood loss etc. that might indicate coiltis or something), or diahreea. So get the book and read it...

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Report: Sugary snacks should be suspended

I try an follow Dr. Peter J. A'damo's book on diets for your blood type. He has done quite a study on antigens in food and Blood type. For example people with type blood A they can't have potatoes in any form. A'Damo found the the antigens in the potato produce an auto immune response in the red blood cell. Well in the diets Type A, B, AB can't have High Fructose Corn Syrup. Blood type O people are the tough ones, they can damn near eat anything, Their genatic origins come from the Nomads in Africa and later the Nomads that strune across Europe and Northern Europe. The sucrose coming from Caine sugar does not cause the genetic immune response. Most of the soft drinks today use the cheaper corn syrup. Their is only one factory in the United States that is still licenced to make Dr. Pepper using the original receipe, using table sugar, and that is the plant in Stephenville Texas (where Tarlton State University is located). They still only bottle it in real glass bottles and take orders form all over the world. So if you want to taste a Dr. Pepper like it tasted in 1960 go to Stephenville Texas.

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Cases of diabetes increasing in state

I have known a number of people who acquired diabetes later in life (50's) who did not realize why they felt tired or lost wieght, but lived into their 70's before the died of the problem and the doctors back tracked and would say "judging fromthe exent of the disease you have have this condition going back 20 years or silghtly more." I know three people who lived with this over 20 years and then in their 70's, infection in their cracked figure tips and toes just finally would not heal, so they went to a emergent healing center, where their they got the news they actually have diabetes. I think cases appear to be growing, but instead people now days are just more aware of their problem.

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Are you disappointed there isn't any snow in the forecast for Christmas?

Actually it depends on if the HighPressure can stay through Saturday and keep the snow North just across the Canadian border, then swing South and hit St.Paul Minn. to Madison Wis. They are supposed to have a White Christmas with added Lake effect snow. If you like snow go their for Christmas.

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Postcard repudiates Mirecki's remarks

Wonderhorse you are correct ... from the same protein soup, but differrent paths. Same is true of the Elephant and the mouse - related DNA but followed different developement due to environmental adaptation.

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Postcard repudiates Mirecki's remarks

bigjim your are ingnorant - We know a great deal about evolutionary change in our life time through primary study of the Wolf and their descentants the common dog. Genetic change clearly occurred in this animal over 70,000 years. No outside DNA has corrupted this animal line, all adaptations have come through environemtal change in the animals habitat and man through breeding manipulation. But further back we find that the wolf and the sea lion have a common ancestry. Evoluotionary change has been plan on Earth since the beginning.

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Postcard repudiates Mirecki's remarks

Dr. Mirecki made appropriate fun of the Fundies and the Catholics. Becuse all reigion is Myth. Just watch examine the studies of the late Joseph Campbell or Houston Smith. Cultures took mystical Ideas form each other and blended them into their own religions. The idea of Jesus of Nazareth to ask his followers to each his flesh and drink his blood in the representative form of bread and wine was not a new thought. It came from cultures who literally drank the blood and eat the flesh of their dead hero. I am sure Dr. Mirecki is aware that the ancient hebrew really records Jesus saying I Am the way the truth and the life. The hebrew text uses the form of God himself I AM, so Jesus is not talking about himself, the is saying that the Creator of the Universe - God the Father is the way the truth and the life, not himself, Jesus. yet fundies base their doctrine in this and a miss read of Jesus words. There are misreads through out all religions, based on bad re-writes from the earliest writings, so nothing in life is sure. But in the study of Evolution throught the scientific method, we can find things that are sure, by a careful and slow study.

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