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Four communities — including Lawrence — agree to pay state to retain SRS offices

We can't pay for this. Our local leaders need to say no.....not pay to keep this office open and cost our local economy more. Too many taxes here already. This will only make excuses for more taxes.

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What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

Good old vanilla.

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Lawrence schools save on utility bills by unplugging electronics, lowering thermostat during holiday breaks

I'm glad they are saving some money by doing those things.
Here is a suggestion from where I stand.
Turn off the lights at night. I can see South Junior High from my house and it's always lit up like there should be people in there. Shut the lights off...duh. (and if they are the ones that stay on...change them)

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Introducing 'The Source'

I started taking the paper this year. But don't remember if you've done an article on electric vehicles or not. I think that would be interesting. I think there are 2 places here in Lawrence where you can get an electric bicycle or at least the equipment to convert one into electric. And there is a guy in Leavenworth who retails "xebra" an electric vehicle. Also I've seen someone with a windmill in the country by Eudora. Some stories about people who generate some or all their own electricity by wind or solar is cool(like the one from that guy in MO.)
I enjoy reading the articles about the coverage of the coal-fired power plants. Thanks for keeping me informed!

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Power choices

I like this idea as well. And I would say that since most of our energy comes from coal already we need some other choices. Now would be good for me:)

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Lawmakers to resume review of coal plant permit process

Electric vehicles are much more efficient than gas ones. If the power we generate is from the sun and wind than that is the closest we'll get to zero air pollution. And yes materials, where they come from and how they will be disposed of will always be a factor unless we all walk and quit using those materials.

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Lawmakers to resume review of coal plant permit process

That's right mr. president steve. All automobiles do emit co2. So we need to encourage all elctric vehicles for in town driving and short trips. Then if we create energy from wind and sun we are not polluting at all. The next step after creating power from wind and sun here in kansas is to begin production of all electric vehicles and encouraging residents to buy and use them. I would buy one NOW if available at a dealership. Most driving is in town and for short errands to the store and around town. Kansas can be a leader in all these areas or we can go with the coal fired power plants(business as usual) and continue polluting at an even faster rate.
Think of the money and jobs to be made in kansas if we did both wind power production and electric vehicle production. It will be a big part of the future, why not set the stage for the money and jobs to be here in kansas?

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Harmful divisions

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toefungus (Anonymous) says:

"When the Sierra Club has the ability to raise capital for investment in Kansas, we can talk about working together. "

I'm not a member of Sierra Club but I bet all the members would donate some money to make wind work NOW on a large scale here in ks. And I would bet a lot of other kansans would donate time and money to make wind work NOW as well.(Maybe those big hearts are in Lawrence).
I would donate the first $100 to get windpower expanded ASAP. We all want the same things here------------economic develpment here in ks, electricity, and some more electricity. Some of us just want that electricity to be produced by the wind that blows here. Maybe LJW should hold a poll to see how many would donate $100 or more to get more windfarms started in ks now and build the transmission lines to sell to other states and see how many of us would step up to the plate.
For some reason some think coal is the viable answer for more electricity and economic development. When actually coal prices will only rise in the future as we use more and the fuel to run windmills will still be blowing for FREE. Think of your profit for the long haul electric companies!

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Harmful divisions

Division will not help Kansas conquer either its economic or environmental challenges. That is certainly the truth. Kansans and elected leaders of kansas need to come together more now than ever to become world leaders regarding this issue. Kansas can become an economic boom as well as the spotlight for the world to look up to and admire.
We as kansans have an opportunity to work together to create jobs and make this great state even better. We can harness the wind and sun. Sunflower Electric, and Sierra Club sit down together and see if wind power and other alternatives can be achieved by working together. Sunflower Electric wants to generate power to sell and do it for a profit(understandable). Together we stand, Divided we fall. Let's stand together!

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KDHE rejects coal plants in Western Kansas

Compact Flourescents are good. Energy-star appliances yes. Insulate the attic! Pull the shades in the summer to keep the hot sun out and raise them in the winter to let the warm sun rays in. Dress warmer in the winter and turn the thermostat down......way down. I hope the power companies realize the money to be made by implementing power generation with wind and solar. And get started on that right away. Litigation would be wasteful of time and money for all parties involved(everyone in ks). Of course the lawyers might like it and be smiling all the way to the bank.
We are all in this together. We just need to work together to get the power we need from wind, solar and hydro generation. Coal will probably still be in the picture but we don't need more coal burning power plants.

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