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Lawrence man charged with rape of 13-year-old

Your comment is completely ignorant. Educate yourself on rape. A 13-year old girl is a child. This is rape. Plain and simple. He should be in jail. He should be on the sex offender list. You are blaming the victim, which perpetuates the rape culture in the United States. Please, please keep your harmful comments to yourself.

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Good buys: Magazine names Kansas woman America’s smartest shopper

You are right but Emily's comp list is for things that most people need; food and home goods, like toilet paper and laundry soap. It doesn't have things like TV's, toys, or other "extras". It is a very practical list and very helpful.

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Good buys: Magazine names Kansas woman America’s smartest shopper

I have been using Emily's comp list for over a year now. It helps out so many people in the community! I work a full-time job, a part-time job, and have 3 kids. I used to try to compile my own comp list and didn't have the time to do it. She sends it out for FREE! It has saved me so much time AND money! The last grocery stop I made I spent $250 but it should have been almost $400. All I did was use the comp ad Emily sends out. I am very appreciative of her and and glad she won the contest. Congrats, Emily!!

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Jenkins opposes action in Syria

I don't want to say I agree with Jenkins. I will say I am opposed to going to war in Syria.

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Gov. Brownback nominates top lawyer for Kansas appeals court

Exactly. Paid for by Koch. Again.....

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Baker Wetlands manager dismantles boardwalk he built as a boy scout

What a shame! It is really too bad that this has been allowed to happen. :0(

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Dog being cared for at Humane Society after owner's body recovered from Kansas River

Like others have mentioned, if she is a trained service dog, she needs to be placed back with the supporting agency to be re-homed where she can use her skills.

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State education board seeks $656 million funding increase

I do not want to answer questions to read a news article.

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Longtime deputies now out of service

Congrats on such successful careers! I knew Officer Grammer because I went to school with his son Scott and he was always so nice to everyone. I am glad to hear that they are doing so well.

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