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School district won't say what it plans to pay Hayden in new COO position; new questions about timing of superintendent's resignation

I do not need to know Mr. Hayden's reasons for resigning his superintendent position. I do know he did his job well. I read it would be best for he and his family and that is a good reason. I will say I was at the community meeting where high school students were allowed to curse and swear and call out members of his family that had nothing to do with the meeting. I also watched the school board meetings that were out of control and some board members refused to adhere to rules of the meeting and disrespect Mr. Hayden, the rest of the board and the district and community as a whole. A school board member's job is not to try to micromanage the everyday operations of the district. That is why we hire leadership in district management. These folks have experience in education, leadership and finance. Perhaps the board should look in the mirror and ask themselves what they might do to improve their elected positions and how to help the district going forward.

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Students call for action on equity issues at school board meeting

I was at the community meeting and I would say if the students want to be heard and actually listened to; try speaking without using vulgar language and curse words. That would be a good start. I might also suggest that everyone have patience and give the district officials time to gather all information from the meeting. We should remember this was a COMMUNITY MEETING and involved all sorts of people from all walks of life. People were there because we want to help. Also let's remember that our expectations of a school district are to educate children of the community, which does include math, science, language arts, etc. as well.

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New report attempts to compare costs of Rock Chalk Park with other city projects

It is really very simple; no invoice, no payment. That is how we should do business.

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City makes surprise payment on Rock Chalk Park infrastructure fees

I am disappointed and angry . This move by Mr. Corliss and the commissioners is disgusting and shows no respect for the public. I hope all citizens realize there are repairs that will need to be made to Sports Pavillion before the 1 year warranty has expired and we should hold Fritzel responsible. One way to do that is to vote the current commissioners out of office and vote for candidates who care about the community as a whole and not just Fritzel interests. I am very disappointed in the city commission and it's judgement. I continue to inform myself of potential candidates and what their personal agenda may be. I encourage the rest of the public do the same. We need representatives who care about Lawrence and the future of Lawrence and it's residents. A reminder that Fritzel will be asking for favors for Alvamar.

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Editorial: Arrogant attitude

No, it is not time to quit talking about it, this is the only way we may be able to make changes in a 'no bid' process with our tax money.

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Editorial: Arrogant attitude

Our city commissioners do not feel any obligation to the regular taxpayer, only Thomas Fritzel, and that is very sad. I would hope at election time, none, with the exception of Amyx, will be re-elected.

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Bid for recreation center comes in about $10 million lower than expected; questions grow over other cost estimates

I am just tired of hearing what a great deal this is for KU & Lawrence. KU has enough land west of campus to build a new track. It did not have to be across town. My concern is sharing the parking lots w/KU. Citizens will want to use the rec center for exercise, as they should be able to as our tax money is paying for this, and will not have a place to park. Has anything been written in to state that Fritzel cannot charge us taxpayers to park when he has his 'private functions' or when KU has an event? Parking should be free, period. It is sad to think that Schumm and others believe that Fritzel will be honest about this project, since he hasn't been with so many others connected with the city. A recreation center for the city of Lawrence has turned out to be such a project that I fear the local youth & seniors as well as other citizens will not get the benefit we all had hoped for. I hope the JW will continue to investigate and keep the public informed on this issue. You cannot depend on the city commission to keep us informed.

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As city prepares to bid recreation center, officials still waiting to receive cost numbers from Fritzel on infrastructure

It is so very disappointing to see Mr. Dever and others continue to defend this process. I find it hard to believe that Mr. Fritzel does not have figures available. It will be easier for him to charge the total $25 million and not have to be accountable, sad thing is, the city will not make him accountable just as in the past. It honestly does make us wonder why the commission continues to let Fritzel run the city. It is frustrating as a taxpayer and citizen of Lawrence to see the commission and city officials feel like they do not have to be accountable to us. Wow! Accountablilty, doesn't seem to exist, especially on any projects Fritzel is involved in. Seems like in only applies to us small fries, shoveling sidewalks, jaywalking, garage sale signs, etc..

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City sets bid date of May 14 for recreation center; project could be completed by spring of 2014

I suppose Fritzel is planning on using the leftover artificial grass from his apartment complex that the city said he couldn't use but let him do it anyway for the indoor field. How many other things will they let him slide by on this 'if he gets the bid'? Oh, I meant when he gets the bid. Very disappointed in the city commission especially Schumm and Dever as they think the public is ignorant enough to believe KU would have move facilities to another county if they don't let Fritzel build this. I am still amazed that the commission believes the taxpayers of Lawrence should continue to pad the Fritzel's pockets while they ignore city building codes and other regulations. Very disappointing.

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Lawrence school board to seek $92.5 million bond issue

Spending over $70 million just so some students can still walk to school is crazy. We need to build new larger elementary schools to accommodate the needs of the students in the classroom. Oh yes, and consolidate schools in order to do this. That decision was previously made and this board changed it.

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