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Parents combat underage drinking

I'm glad parents care and are trying to do the
best possible thing, but when so many media
sources show drinking to excess as fun and
publicly drunk people as humorous rather than
a reason to pause and think, I would caution
parents who publicly declare they know best.
Ever hear of the emporer who wasn't actually
Wearing any clothes and had no one willing
to tell him?

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What advice did your grandparents give you?

Love takes a lot of work.

September 9, 2007 at 10:33 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

T-shirts prove Dog Days endurance

Dog Days is a wonderful tradition. I would recommend everyone give it a try at least once. In addition to regular exercise it helps me remember to drink enough water during the summer months. The huge number of people who participate is something Lawrence can have pride in. When children attend they can see that exercise is something people do throughout their lives. The feeling of accomplishment after just one workout is wonderful, but the feeling of getting enough workouts to receive a t-shirt is that of a goal accomplished.

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Are you happy to hear that the Kansas Supreme Court upheld Lawrence's smoking ban?

I can sit at a table with other people who are drinking but I don't have to drink. Sit at a table with smokers and you are going to be breathing other people's smoke and going to smell like smoke when you leave. I don't like having any beverage spilled on me or the smell of smoke left on my clothing but I can change my clothes faster than I can wash and dry my hair to get the smoke smell out.

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Two new faces in City Hall

Do we know what percentages of our much discussed tax dollars are collected on the east vs. west sides of Iowa?

April 4, 2007 at 8:19 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Two new faces in City Hall

Regarding infrastructure in older parts of town - Chestnut works East of Mass St. Perhaps that will help.


Do you think those of us who buy local whenever possible will miss people who write off a city based on one election? Goodbye for now, but when you realize how much good there still is here, and how much better it is than so many other places, we'll expect to see you again. And we won't have to hold grudges. We'll be too busy enjoying what Lawrence has to offer.

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