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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

As a former kindergarten teacher, I can assure you that kindergarten is not just play time. Virtually all of my students, unless there was a disability, were reading by the end of the year. There were many other academic skills that I taught and that they mastered. We did learn rules and expectations, not to make them mindless robots, but to facilitate learning and safety, just as there are rules and expectations in society as a whole. Kindergarten builds a foundation for learning. That said, I also suffer migraines. I can tell you that several doctors and medications did not make me migraine proof. If someone has been able to manage their migraines, that is wonderful, but they should not assume that it is possible for everyone.

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Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake

Why would you hunt Einstein?

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Opinion: Introverts often are misunderstood

All my life, my family told me there was something wrong with me, that I was crazy. I don't mean in a fun, teasing way, but in a way that hurt me deeply. All that "crazy talk", and I was also the one who took care of everybody. Then I found The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine Aron. It was a huge help, and it sounds like this book has some similar information. Not only am I an introvert, an HSP, but at the more sensitive end of the spectrum. Quiet is essential, as is order. Yet I have been able to make significant contributions doing jobs that other people would find too demanding! True, not every job would be appropriate! There are many that I would hate. But the contributions of the "quiet ones" can be enormous.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Chicken and Waffles at the Burger Stand

And you are promoting this during Heart Health month???

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State Board of Education to consider new regulations on seclusion and restraint

Yes! For some students the least restrictive environment is a self contained classroom. People have been sold the mistaken idea that everyone belongs in the regular ed. classroom That becomes as inflexible as the old self contained model. You would not believe what teachers and students are subjected to in some situations. It is not right, and the raging child is not learning in those situations. There needs to be a willingness to place each child in an appropriate situation, not just the regular ed. setting no matter what. And there needs to be a well thought out plan for how to handle kids that are a danger, for everyone's sake.

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Another bill opposed by unions introduced as House gears up for debate on paycheck measure

I have also seen teachers who chose not to join . Then when things get rough, they are desperate for the protection the union offers. All it takes is one vindictive administrator to make your life unbearable, and it takes a long time in most cases to remove that administrator. Really good teachers can be targeted by someone who has a destructive, jealous agenda. Even with union protection I chose to leave teaching because of situations like that.

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Sound Off: School security

One entrance is unworkable in most cases. There are times we have to get students OUT quickly in order to keep them safe. Even in day to day foot traffic, one entrance/exit would be a bottleneck in most buildings. If someone blocked the one entrance/exit, there could be even more danger with no way out. I would guess that most people with simple solutions to security issues simply have not spent time in a school when they were the ones responsible for student safety. I haven't seen a single fool-proof suggestion yet, or even a semi fool-proof idea.

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Sound Off: School security

Exactly! Where would this guard be within the building? The last school that I taught in had at least 6 entrances, most with glass doors. All were locked during school hours, but nobody could cover all of them at once. Even without gaining entry, someone bent on destruction could simply walk up to the classroom windows and have at it! Reasonable vigilance is a good idea, but I would hate to teach in a state of paranoia and fear, and think that the effect on children would be very negative.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

Ottawa did for awhile.

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Reorganization of two social service agencies takes effect

They have a new name. They have a fancy new website. But if you have a problem or question as I did today, you will find that nobody is actually available to help. I receive an adoption subsidy for a special needs child. The payment generally is in the bank on the first of each month, or the next day at the latest. Today, the 3rd, it was still not in. It won't be deposited until the 5th (with luck) I was told when I finally connected to someone. Families were not notified to expect this delay. I was told that it is "historically" late in July, although it was in on the 1st last year. I was also told that it isn't late until the 15th. This is a relatively small issue, but looms large for me as I try to pay bills on time! Luckily this is the only issue I have to deal with regarding the new, improved agency. Sadly, I expect to hear many more stories like this.

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