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Laughing liberal

Ok, here we go again. To prove Mr. Warrick's point, who will be willing to bet that Jared Loughner is our next badly educated, anti-government ultraconservative who succumbed to his own madness while fueled by the thoughtless, vitriolic and vicious messages that continue to pour from the mouths of the far right. Call me anything you like right-wingers....liberal, socialist, communist.... All I can tell you is that I am proud to be the liberal that I am. I believe it's now time for the left to fight back and stop the madness!!!

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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

There can be no question as to why the rest of the country's perception of Kansas is of a state of asinine hillbillies. Thanks Representative Moron. I suggest you go hang out with your brother Fred "God Hates F*gs" Phelps.... He understands you....

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SLT opponents appeal federal court ruling

And let's take a look at how the SLT west of Highway 59 is impacting the wildlife through those wetlands to get a real baseline for the proposed eastern section. For all intents and purposes wildlife is thriving there without interruption....

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SLT opponents appeal federal court ruling

I grew up in that area of town (Park Hill Terrace) in the 50's & 60's and just to set the record straight this was the area that Haskell used for their dump...No joke or a big joke if you believe the "spiritual spin" on this.....

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Gill says team policy on women not causing a negative reaction from players

Git these boys their cell phones back and git 'em a gurl after 10:00pm and maybe we'll start a winnin.... yup

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Lost in the Cosmos: Lawrence rock-fusion act finesses the art of 'Mental Hygiene'

A descent band, but the old Lawrence group Altered Media would blow them away....

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Belly Bump and Grind: Lawrence embraces the swaying subculture of belly dance

Gotta love the "slightly" exaggerated headline...

Lawrence embraces the swaying subculture of belly dance.

Yeah, I'm telling you just about everywhere I go in town people are belly dancing or talking about belly dancing or saving money for belly dancing school or shoes. I'd say its obvious we have thoroughly embraced every aspect of belly dancing in our community. Heck, I saw three belly dancers workin it at the grocery store today.

Where is Barbara Eden when you need her!

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Club Axis owners surrender liquor license

R.I.P. Club Axis of Evil. Now the patrons will head back downtown to the new piano bar on New Hampshire. It should be an interesting mix of piano karaoke, rap & gunfire........

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Police respond to shots fired call outside the Granada

Maybe the Granada should paint some gang-like graffiti on their marquee out front, just like Club Axis had......

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