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Compton says he thinks convention center would be good addition to downtown Lawrence

What he said..... Thanks pizzapete!

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Brownback budget plan reduces early childhood grants, increases reading initiative

Kansasfaithful is a moron....honestly. You do not know what you are talking about. 89 percent of Kansas 4 th graders read at the proficient level or above according to The Kansas State Department of Education.

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Editorial: Quick fix

4th grade students results for reading tests were actually 89./. Scoring proficient and above. Go to KSDE and look for yourself. Bell curve anyone? The NAEP tests randomly throughout our state, choosing 140 classrooms to be tested. We are in the process of moving to Common Core State Standards, which are quite different than our current reading standards used in Kansas. They are more rigorous and districts across Kansas are working to change curriculum accordingly. I am not certain, but I believe the NAEP tests align more closely with CCSS, which our students currently have not been taught. Therefore, the Kansas State Reading Test results are a more true reflection of our students' reading abilities in this state. Of course, the anti Ed regime wants us to react and believe that few 4th graders can read. Give our kids a chance with the new standards before we make laws that are unnecessary such as the one the representative is pushing.

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Brownback sets weight-loss challenge; not a fan of new school lunch standards

Healthier lunches cost more , so that is why Brownback is negative. Have you seen what processed crap our kids have eaten in school lunches in the past? No wonder there is an obesity problem in this country. Back in the day, at least lunches were more homemade and thus more wholesome. Recent lunches have been all frozen and pre made full of salt, fat and preservatives. At least today's lunches offer more fresh ingredients.

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After Black Friday, store owners touting Small Business Saturday

We used to go to Weston or Parkville the day after Thanksgiving. Now we just go to our own downtown here,because it it way cooler than either of the others I mentioned. I always can tell there are people here visiting and enjoying Lawrence. The decorations look nice and I am proud to be able to live here! Go to The Old Fashioned Christmas Parade next weekend. It's a great tradition...oh you might have to walk a bit!

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County GOP under new leaders

Seriously Westy? You holier than thou folks are something else. Go away....

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Fritzel offers to make $50,000 historic preservation donation to help resolve Varsity House dispute

Just another sad example of how insider corruption is rampant everywhere. We have let developers run roughshod over the commission at the expense of proper zoning, proven demand or anything else quantifiable other that the need for more profits for the developers themselves.

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100 Good Women plans benefit concert on July 26

Hey consumerwho, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything......... 100 Good Women are a caring and thoughtful group who are not asking for praise or thanks. Who the hell are you and what have you done for the community lately except to come off like a horses a**.

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Knology sold to Denver area company for more than $750 million

We got hoodwinked into going to ATT U-Verse last summer by a U-Verse salesperson who as it turns out would say anything to make his sales commission. My wife and I have had ATT out as many times in as many months to get our system running. We commonly lost all connectivity and just finally gave up about a month ago and went to Knology. While this new purchase by Wow is creepy, so far we have been extremely happy with Knology. I hope they don't go down the tubes.

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Voter fraud

I am wondering if Ms.Penny's family business, Penny Concrete , has EVER hired an undocumented worker in the history of their business. I myself have seen what could be "Illegals" working on their crews. Not sure, but many construction businesses hire them, Seems to me that it is not fair for companies like Penny Concrete to hire laborers from Mexico to reap a financial benefit from them, while also complaining that they live here...If Penny's can prove that every worker is documented and that they have always used citizens...great! I for one, don't believe it! I think Ms. penny is a hypocrite. ,

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