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Steals and Deals

It's "in one sitting" not "in one setting". Just thought you should know.

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Q&A: LMH still enforces its smoke-free policy

Thanks, djohnston. Yeah, we've had to utilize a few other offices in the past (lucky us). Stitches for my daughter one time in one place, her orthotics in another...
Honestly though, I really don't care about people smoking...but if I see you throw your butts on the ground. That gets me a little riled.

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Q&A: LMH still enforces its smoke-free policy

Does this policy apply to OrthoKansas? I was just curious. I got dropped at the door for a check on my surgery I'd recently had there, and a nurse was smoking right by the front door in her surgical scrubs, with those little shoe cover things and everything still on. I could only assume she was completely finished with that surgery...not just taking a little cigarette break. Not that I begrudge them their smokes. But it would be nice if you moved a little further away from the door.

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Lawrence roads still treacherous

"lhsgrad (Anonymous) says…

does anyone know really just how many “side” streets there are in Lawrence? And how many snow plows does the city actually have access to? It takes time to take care of a city our size. Be glad that you have power to be able to make these comments about….it could be much worse out there. Enjoy the holiday times and focus on what really matters…your family, your health and your safety. Everything else comes with time. If you have so much time to sit and complain, why don't you get out there and help the city workers get the job done too. Don't they deserve to spend a little holiday cheer with their family?"

Yeah, me and my bad ass minivan are going to go volunteer to help the city?! That's funny. Not that I don't appreciate any services provided. But that's rich. Seriously, OK folks! Let's go help the plow drivers! That's the Christmas spirit! I mean, maybe, if one gets stuck in front of my house I would give them some gruel or something. What is gruel anyway? My husband got a chocolate covered piece of bacon for Christmas. Maybe that will help. But seriously, we should go help? We have helped three stranded motorists in front of our house, but going to help the city is a bit of a stretch. Good idea, though.

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Lawrence roads still treacherous

Oh well, we last checked our mailbox at 8, and none of our neighbors got mail. I like getting mail. I'm kind of a dork that way. Maybe some late Christmas cards?! Or gifties?! But the paycheck would be nice, too.

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Lawrence roads still treacherous

justsaying (Anonymous) says…

Our street off of N. Michigan was plowed at 3:48 pm today (the 26th) for the 1st time since the snow began. Don't know what the explanation is, but I'm ready to listen.

justsaying- you're one of the lucky ones! what are you complaining about? We haven't been plowed yet! Not that I really care that much, but I have been enjoying watching this debacle unfold and everyone freak out. We live off 23rd and Lawrence Ave, in the lil' hood behind the "stone buffalo". Lots of stuck cars in our area. We've managed alright with our bangin' minivan. I have had to leave for work and such. And mail would've been nice, as the paycheck was supposed to come yesterday (or rather today since yesterday was xmas), so I doubt we'll get it tomorrow.

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Lawrence roads still treacherous

Did anyone get mail delivery today? Our neighborhood didn't. (In west Lawrence, and no, we haven't seen a plow either).

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School district cuts bus routes that served more than 1,000 students

We do pay for our daughter to ride the bus. I would be willing to pay more though.

Funkdog, not sure how old you are, but i'm guessing 23rd and Iowa are a lot more congested since you were crossing them (by yourself?!) "even in kindergarten"...I don't even let my 6 year old leave our block unescorted.

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A tax on college students?

Bigprune- KU does offer night classes. Not a ton of them, but they're in existence. I've taken some of them. They usually meet one night a week for the whole 3 hours. And the Edwards campus has a lot of night class offerings as well.

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