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Charlie Weis’ search for D.C. ongoing


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First Fam, now MU: KU looking at void

As usual a mizzusucks joker has something simple twisted up and shows ignorance of the facts. it will be their loss - in revenue, and "general" fan support in the KC area. MU has become a non-player in the area media. I for one will not miss them one iota. Good riddance losers.

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Kansas returns from Islands

The traveling call wasn't missed. It was IGNORED by puke loving refs. Pretty simple.

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Brown back is a total loser. He and his ilk are trying to take away freedoms from Kansans young AND old. Brown back is a dangerous person to all of us who cherish our ability to live life unencumbered by government lead by religious zealots. To all good Kansans: don't be fooled by brown back. He wants to take over your life and the lives of your families for his own purposes.

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Late bloomers: KU slips past Hoyas

The game started and was played too late for me to watch last nite, but go get 'em tonite mighty Kansas Jayhawks!

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Making waves: Jayhawks hope to bond — and win — in Maui

I agree with your comments, wprop, as I too, believe that KU's athletic direction is fraught with problems, many (most, if one looks recently, for sure) of them stemming from Lew's crooked turn at the helm. Perkins did as much to put our athletic program in the toilet as any person I can think of over the last 40 years (the years I am pretty much aware of as student and alum). There certainly is too much nepotism and too much of a good ole boy culture in the athletic administration. And lest droppingplates (below) cast dispersions at these comments, they were made by a three degree graduate of this institution.

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UK has talent, KU has a shot

I'm not sure I would call it a "puncher’s chance" as our team really does not have a single player capable of delivering the single KO punch to a team like Kent. That said, we certainly can beat them. It will take a great effort from all of our players, playing KANSAS BASKETBALL. Come on, Hawks. Get tough and take 'em down!!!

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KU football players stand up for coach

Too bad the players can't stand up for themselves and play football. And, boy do I agree with TOE in an earlier post. We simply have a crappy FB program these days. There is a drastic need to clean house. I'd start with the Chancelor and AD.

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Brownback hires $150,000 information technology chief from Florida, but questions arise about qualifications

Good for the governor. He knows that there is no one here in Kansas smart enough to do the IT job. After all, Brownback was voted into office by Kansans.

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KU's Self not fretting over Missouri's decision to leave Big 12 for SEC

Missouri. Six million people. Five last names.

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