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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

I saw the same guy sitting behind the isu bench all game. Most of the time he was just sitting there looking extremely glum. Ha ha. He got his and so did the whole stinking place. ISU sucks just like their buddies in mizzouri. He should have been arrested or taken out and dumped in the snow. No call. Ha ha. This is basketball. The Mighty Kansas Jayhawks won. Again. When you are the best ... hey. You win a lot.

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Brownback budget has Democrats, moderate Republicans facing dilemma

I am a retired school administrator who has found it difficult to support anything proposed by current Governor Brownback. But low and behold!!!! Brownback says he wants Kansas to be more like Texas. Me too. Let's cut taxes on food!! Texas is one of the states that does not charge sales tax on FOOD! What a great idea. Even a person who knows we need taxes to support quality schools could support eliminating sales taxes for FOOD.

Join me and get the word out. Cut sales taxes on FOOD.

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Dayne Crist solid, not spectacular — yet

I had high expectations but reality hit me right in the face last night sitting on the 20 yard line up in the shady pert of the stands. Now I'm thinking this is going to be another long season. I really saw nothing even vaguely approaching quality. The moon was nice and the field looked sharp, but Crist, the coach and his play calling, and team...nah. Oh well. I'll be back next week anyway, even if I leave early, again.

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Rivals analyst evaluates KU’s 2013 hoops recruiting class

I feel pretty confident that the mighty Kansas Jayhawks will have a stellar year and will very likely win yet another Big 12 Championship.

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Senate urged to consider gun bill

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. And a lot of people kill a lot people - with guns!

BTW, Kansas passed one of the first "Stand your ground" statutes back in 2006. In fact, it's the statute that Florida based it's law on. Don't you feel safer already!!??

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!!!! The Mighty Lady Jayhawks are in the Sweet 16. And sweet it is. The team did a great job of truly playing Kansas basketball - moving the feet, passing accurately, looking for the open player and shooting it in!

As has been noted, Kansas is only one of three schools with BOTH women and men's programs in the Sweet 16 of the biggest event in college sports!!

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Stallworth’s 50 turns 40

I'm surprised there aren't some comments on this outstanding, singular performance over our number #1 enemy!

I was at the game the afternoon that Bud scored his 50, sitting up east of the basket in the north end of the Field House. And a great afternoon it was. No one hates missouri more than me, and it was great to see them smashed to the court. I have often thought about how many points Bud might have scored if the three point shot had been in effect!

As we said then (and often!): "This Bud's for you!!

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Jeff Withey bears down

Way to go mighty Kansas Jayhawks!!!! What a great team effort with individual highlights. This is what our team needs to do the remainder of the regular season to with the 8th BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP in a row!!

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Kansas Senate approves congressional map that consolidates Lawrence in 2nd, puts Manhattan in 1st

This is absolutely criminal. Gerrymandering at its worst. Kansas is following Texas in doing everything possible to reduce the voting impact of citizens and patriots who believe in making certain that the bounties of our great country are shared by all. In plain talk, that means the republicans in power in Kansas are grabbing for more power by watering down the votes of blacks, Hispanics and others who oppose cutting school budgets, keeping poorer youth from getting food stamps, etc., etc. We are definitely going backward in Kansas.

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Now Jayhawks can focus on Missouri

Go get 'em Mighty Kansas Jayhawks!!!!!!!!

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