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City ends negotiations to purchase Abe & Jake's building next to City Hall

I agree. I liked the one stop shop version. I realize this let's you get more in depth with each individual story, but the previous format was better imho.

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Rumor mill running wild about possible changes at Lawrence Athletic Club

Isn't that the truth. Earlier this year, two months before my membership expired, I submitted a list of questions to Rick and the salesperson that I wanted answered before I would sign a new contract. When my membership expired I continued to go to the gym and check in letting them know I was aware my membership was out of date, but I wouldn't sign anything until I got the answers to my questions. The lady at the front desk stopped me one day and said that the salesman indicated I was ducking his calls - I handed her my cell phone and told her she was welcome to go through the call log and identify when he had called. Then, while I was in a class she came down and said Rick wanted to see me after the class was over. When I finished that class I went to speak with Rick who by chance was called out of the building 5 minutes before the class ended. That was enough of that bu!!s#!+, I knew nothing was ever going to be addressed so I took my business elsewhere and I couldn't be happier.

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Lions repeat as regional soccer champs in overtime thriller

Congrats to Coach Murphy and the Lions.

Since it couldn't be the Firebirds advancing I am happy to see it is another great group of Lawrence kids moving forward.

Good luck at State.

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Free State, LHS bands honored at festival

The Divisions were based on the number of wind instruments in each band. Free State's band didn't meet the size requirement to march in Divsion I.

I wish the had a link to the scoring sheets like they have had in the past. It would be interesting to see just where everyone would have ranked if it had been just one open event, but then you probably would lose a number of schools competing since the bigger bands (usually equating to the bigger schools/districts) have more resources to them

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Free State, LHS bands honored at festival

Great job by all of the schools competing in the festival. I was especially impressed by both of the local schools, but of course I am biased.

Always good to see the two local schools supporting each other as they did on Saturday.

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Color Run Lawrence

I don't live in the area of the run, but I do work in it. We received our notice right around the same time we got the notice for the extra deck on the parking garage. So that would mean somewhere in early September.

Also, there were plenty of emergency no parking signs when I showed up for work on Thursday indicating that something was going to happen, and soon. If I lived there and didn't already know what was going on, that probably would have been reason enough for me to find out.

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Lions volleyball falls in opener at Blue Valley West

So a 6th year coach that has taken the team to state twice isn't a real coach?

I didn't know that Dirk was coaching the volleyball team too.

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KU student from Derby identified as pedestrian pinned between two vehicles in accident Sunday near campus

I wondered about that myself tigggr. The posts that were removed said nothing that appeared to be in conflict with the user agreement. They simply pointed out that the parents of the driver that rear ended the first vehicle were more than a bit lenient with their kid.

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KU student from Derby identified as pedestrian pinned between two vehicles in accident Sunday near campus

Tibbs and Maria both seem to know Mr. Kuszmaul quite well.

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Two Lawrence men arrested after altercation at Sixth and Kasold shopping center

The food is fantastic and the owners are wonderful people.

Some of you folks just like to get on here and stir $#it.

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