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Tom Thornton resigns from Kansas Bioscience Authority

Why should he stay around? There are plenty of states/organizations that would love to have him. Its too bad he had to deal with the lies and rumors spread by government officials. Good luck, Tom. And thanks for a job well done. Some of us appreciated what you were doing.

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Former KU athletics ticket official Charlette Blubaugh sentenced to 57 months for her role in cash-for-tickets scheme

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

I have only commented about forwarded emails, never cc'd emails.

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

I have never used craigslist so I would have to take your word for it. I have only commented on using my sunflower email address through Outlook.

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

Its just like those emails that get forwarded to you by "friends" that have been forwarded and forwarded and forwarded. If you hit reply, it will reply to the person who sent it to you, NOT the original person ten pages back that started the email in the first place.

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board


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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

Funny, that's not how it works on my email through Outlook. If John President forwards me Sam's email, if I hit reply, it goes back to the person that sent me the email, John President.

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

On the same note, if Sam Hill wrote to John President only and John President merely forwarded Sam Hill's email to his staff, then the staff would "reply" to John President. The staff would only be able to "reply" to Sam Hill if they manually typed in his email address.

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Humane Society board addresses status of executive director

T_Haggard said: "If that is what is going on here, as Solomon and others have suggested, those people who want to support Midge should be thanking their lucky stars that the board exercised silence, discretion, and are giving this lady an opportunity to continue. Lazy employees are difficult to deal with, budgets are difficult to deal with, but you can't violate employment laws as a management technique to address these challenges. It is illegal.

Those engaging in character assassination of a non-profit's board members, when they probably are only doing their job trying to keep an organization operating on the up-and-up and within the law, is pretty poor manners, and exhibits poor understanding of the situation."

Thank you T_Haggard for your rational comments. A number of posters on this and other articles seem to "know" a lot of the circumstances surrounding this issue which makes me wonder where and from whom (Midge?) they're getting their information. A lot of the comments condemn the board for taking action about time cards and such yet complain about the "secrecy" surrounding the action. Seems to me the board has acted in a professional manner and are taking more than adequate measures to address the problem.

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