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Kansas officials await ruling on Arizona immigration law

The video is fully documented. It is produced by the same people who exposed the fraud of the ACORN voter registration organization.

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Kansas officials await ruling on Arizona immigration law

This is not true. Under the constitution, the federal government has responsibility for setting "uniform rules of naturalization". However, once these rules are set all levels of government are equally and jointly responsible for seeing that they are enforced. The key difference is between the power to set rules (federal) and the power to enforce rules (joint). In the early days of the republic the federal government had no agency like homeland security or ICE or even a standing army. The state governments were supposed to look after their own territory and make sure the immigration rules were followed. Although the federal governments role in enforcement has expanded, the state role is not thereby diminished. Thus, if the federal government cannot enforce the uniform rule of naturalization, or if it simply has no interest to do so, then the states are fully empowered to fill the vacuum on their own. I predict that the Obama administration, and all others who are opposed to the power of the states to enforce immigration law, are in for a big legal drubbing.

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Kansas officials await ruling on Arizona immigration law

The idea that enforcing "little violations" is a waste of time and that police should concentrate on major crimes is a long debunked fallacy. The pioneering work of sociologist and criminologist James Q. Wilson has demonstrated that this is simply not true. In fact Wilson (and colleagues) showed that toleration of seemingly small violation inevitably leads to a general sense of impunity and social disorder that escalates and snowballs into a ultimate collapse of benign social order on all levels. This is somethings called the "Broken window theory", and Wikipedia has an excellent article on the basic idea. Modifications to police methods based on Wilson's work have drastically reduced crime rates in our major cities and saved countless thousands of lives. These were first introduced in New York city under Rudy Giuliani who hired Bill Bratton as police chief to implement the necessary measures. The results were so dramatic that they have now been implemented in most major US cities and crime rates in places as different as Albuquerque, Boston and Los Angles have fallen accordingly. The basic lesson for policy on immigration is that tolerating "harmless" offenders is exactly the wrong approach and it will eventually lead to more and more illegal immigration in an uncontrollable feedback. Likewise any thought of Amnesty for "small" offenders is destructive and will backfire. One simply needs a zero tolerance approach at all levels. To understand the psycological forces at work, imagine a supermarket check out line at which people are waiting to receive service. Now suppose that someone cuts into line with only a single small item loudly making excuses and asking apologies. Further suppose that the cashier serves the line cutter before people who have been waiting patiently. The people waiting may be silent and say nothing but the resentment and the destructive effects of the cashiers' toleration are enormous; far exceeding the actual damage done or the time lost. The reason is that people follow rules because they understand that others also follow rules and that rules apply to everyone. Once the general sense that societal rules are enforced in a fair and just fashion breaks down, the whole basis of society is threatened and one gets more small violations and more disintegration and then bigger violations and a downward spiral is started.

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