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To chagrin of Wildcats, Jayhawk fans turn Manhattan 'KS' rocks into 'KU'

While I love this, it does look more like an 8...Maybe some guy was simply trying to profess his love for his girlfriend "Kate".

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Advance voting popular in Douglas County

Ya know, I've never understood the "vote often" part of that phrase, which I have heard so many times recently. Does "often" mean just in every election, or are they talking about going fraudulent and making up some aliases? ;)

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Saturday's KU game will test effort to ban obscene chant

Does anyone else think that alcohol plays a bit of a factor in this, as well? A good portion of the students are intoxicated in the stands, which seems to make profanities flow a bit more freely than sobriety.

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What will you be focusing on in tonight's vice presidential candidate debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin?

How much Palin makes me laugh with ridiculous statements.

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Austria is giving 16-year-olds the power to vote in elections. Is 16 too young to vote?

I would rather have a 16-year-old who is up-to-date on current events voting for our leaders than a 50-year-old who thinks they know it all....but don't.

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College Republicans excited after speech

They do not look so excited in that photo...yawn.

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Early-morning fight sends man to hospital

600 block of Mass Street...Quinton's, maybe? Perhaps leaving Abe and Jake's?And the other man's name was immediately available, eh? Usually it's NOT immediately available.

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Person injured in fall from third-floor balcony

That is most likely Colony Woods apartments, unless it's the small complex across the street (of which I don't know the name).

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What question would you like to ask one of the 2008 presidential candidates?

beatrice,I think McCain is actually old enough to answer that one for us!

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Tonganoxie police search for suspect in shooting

The only description is that the suspect is a black man? Can't wait to see the racist remarks of a few of the ljworld commenting faithful.

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