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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Txt longa, Vita brevis.

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Moving season begins in Lawrence

I support the Social Service League. People helping people.

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Mural transforms Pinckney School tunnel

Art saves. Good work, Pinckney PTO!

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Journal-World wins two prestigious first-place awards from Editor & Publisher for online excellence

I'm pleased for the Journal-World's award for online excellence. The layout and navigation are pleasing to the eye and easy to browse.

I suggest technical attention be given to the search feature. I often have difficulty locating articles which were recently published.

Google does a better job of indexing the Journal-Workd than the integrated search feature.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Lawrence reptile, amphibian expert dies at age 72

Into the Mud
(a poem about hibernation)

Sun slant low,
chill seeps into black water.
No more days of bugs and basking.
Last breath, last sight of light and down I go, into the mud.
Every year, here, I sink and settle, shuttered like a shed. 
Inside, my eyes close, my heart slows
to its winter rhythm. 
Goodbye, goodbye!
Remember the warmth. 
Remember the quickness.
Remember me.
I'm not so sure that Joe was born but rather hatched from an egg.

Too, I'm not so sure that Joe is gone, but rather molted and shed his skin.

His kind eyes, gentle nature, passionate scholarship, and love for our natural world will long be remembered...and put to good use.

We are all in this together. Remember to take care of the little ones.

Joe sure did.

Fare well, old friend.

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Architect wants to create downtown trail under Kansas River bridges

R. Buckminster Fuller observed that architecture shapes our behavior. I applaud Mr Myers proposal to bring form and structure to the riverbank, park, and walkway beneath the bridges. Kudos for your suggestions, Mr Myers.

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HyVee's Annual General Mills Cereal Sale is Here

Thank you, Jenn, for helping me learn that catalinas are coupons generated at the point of sale. I didn't know a special name was associated with those kinds of coupons.

Keep up your good work. Cheers!

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HyVee's Annual General Mills Cereal Sale is Here

Jenn, I am unfamiliar with the term, "catalinas", referring to future coupon discounts. Can you help me understand the origin of the term? Thanks...and keep up your good work!

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Now that your phone has a camera, are you shooting more photos today than in years past?

I take a photo or two a day with my camera phone. See the results at

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restaurant battles....Yesteryear edition

How about "The Hole in the Wall" near 9th and Mississippi, c. 1970? They served picnic style meals in a cardboard box, such as a grilled roast beef and cheese sandwich on a good bun, "special sauce", maybe with horseradish, home made potato salad, deviled egg, dill pickle. Boston cream pie for dessert Very memorable meals, at least to me.

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