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Automatic car wash sucks. Car was just as dirty after as it was before. Trying to contact owner to get my money back.

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Lawrence man charged with first-degree murder in shooting death of wife

I'm sorry it came to this, Larry. I hope you find peace.

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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

If the state was supplying jobs to people who wanted them, or paying for the work-training they require, that would be one thing. How is a person with no money and no food supposed to find a job or pay for training/education?

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Good buys: Magazine names Kansas woman America’s smartest shopper

Yep, good points here!

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Good buys: Magazine names Kansas woman America’s smartest shopper

Sounds like she enjoys doing this as a hobby as well as for the savings. However for people wanting to do things like this on a tight budget, consider this. She is spending around 20 hours per week to save $25 per week. That means she is saving $1.25 for every hour she spends. If your budget is really tight and you have some extra time, this may be worth it to you. But if your time is worth more to you than $1.25 per hour you might want to skip this.

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Lawrence Public Library receives $250k grant to start author series

That's interesting. I live in the adjacent neighborhood and I have not noticed any increase in parking difficultly from when Borders was there. I think people got used to that extra free lot while it was empty. I love having the library there, it is a great temporary location.

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Business owners share tricks of the trade to a successful sidewalk sale

"and mark their territory on the concrete area in front of their businesses...." I think the word you are looking for is SIDEWALK. It's the SIDEWALK SALE.

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Which Twitter accounts do new KU students need to follow?

@SpencerMuseum @KUWritingCenter @HawkWeek @KUTechnology @kudining @parkingku @KUBabyJay @kjhkmusic @UDK_Opinion @KUAdvising @suaevents @kulibraries

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