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KU student who hacked computers and changed his grades is convicted of 4 felonies

Years ago the same thing was attempted by intercepting verification cards in the campus mail after first sending in a change of grade form with the professor's name forged!

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Lawrence motel partially collapses during firefighters' hourslong battle with flames, smoke

Is anyone else thinking why is there a grandfather clause to allow no sprinklers? Isn't it about time to change this before someone dies!

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Leonard's legacy: More than 60 years later, KU awards posthumous athletics letter to black runner once snubbed by coaches

I'm sure that someone there already has mentioned that Liberty High School was replaced by Lawence High School but carried on as a middle school to this day! Different building!

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Unlocked cars made easy targets for burglars in west Lawrence spree, police say

Years ago when Mike Mangino had has garage broken into when he left the big door up a little I suggested in the Journal World then that we didn't live in Mayberry; no one really does anymore. Sheriff Andy would have to carry an automatic weapon now!

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Backyard chicken trend causes spike in infections, 1 fatal

This article doesn't mention histoplasmosis capsulatum which is a fungal pathogen carried by chickens and pigeons amongst other things. It can also be fatal and a friend of mine who has it and grew up raising chickens must get injections into his eyes for it. White lung from too many chicken feathers is also not a great thing to have and can be the cause of COPD; my great-uncle ran a hatchery and died of that!

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Charges begin to fill in details on triple homicide on Mass Street; murder suspect waives extradition

The gun is the enabler; it becomes the solution to whatever little urge or problem is in their puny brains. If you only have a hammer the whole world looks like nails to hit! It's not much more difficult than that. The people who do this kind of thing don't grow up the same way as the rest of us do; taking a gun to solve the problem is more natural to you if you never had the life experiences to the contrary!

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Police: Convicted felon with gun, meth in vehicle arrested on Maple Lane

Trouble right here in River City!

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Profile picture of animal shelter director giving the finger raises questions

If you can live a life that is entirely devoid of the desire to flip someone off; you must be eligible for sainthood! Getting it on camera isn't difficult after that!

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Intersection of 24th Street and Ousdahl Road to close this week

I still think they should close Lawrence completely to individual cars, and finish a beltway that goes entirely around it, and then we could get around on bicycles, horses and rickshaws! The air and noise pollution would improve immediately. Just saying!

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Incumbents lead the pack in Lawrence City Commission primary; Easthouse, Lyche eliminated

I voted about 6:15 PM or so at the Fairgrounds and the count on the machine said 75 or so; I hope a lot more people vote in November! Participating is the most important thing in democracy!

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