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Kansas moves closer to ending ban on happy hour

Read his comment, he was saying he was glad to get rid of the ban.

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Speaker O'Neal wants to end taxpayer funding of remedial college courses

In response to your first sentence; yes, they do need to spend more money. There have been several studies in the last decade showing Kansas needs to increase K-12 school funding.

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Speaker O'Neal wants to end taxpayer funding of remedial college courses

Gee, if they want to have students better prepared for college, why not improve the quality of elementary and secondary schools instead of cutting funding for these schools?

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Organization is eternally young: Boys and Girls Club turns 40

Pssst...check the spelling in the headline

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Gov. Brownback's plan to post teachers’ rankings causes outcry; GOP senator describes plan as 'toxic'

Your wife is a true public servant; unfortunately that term is becoming an insult rather then someone who is forgoing a higher salary to work in an area that is for the public good. For all of your reasons stated, plus the fact that a teacher would be graded on what previous teachers/parents/society/genetics did or did not do, the governor's plan is quite simply, terrible.

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Proposed bill would allow Kansans to donate to arts when paying taxes

Current administration is working on it....

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Change overtaking bigoted views

You could make an argument that polygamy happens in its own form with guys (or gals) dating and sleeping with several people at the same time. (Others would have choice names for them).

But what it comes down to are the legal benefits 'marriage' provides that same-sex couples cannot have. Legally it may be much more complicated to divide properties among multiple wives/husbands and resulting offspring as opposed to one partner.

One problem with traditional polygamy is that you need more women then men. There are some Mormon sects in Utah who kick out teenage boys because they do not want a balance of men/women (google "Lost Boys Mormon)".

However, those are not reasons to ban polygamy; just as you cannot ban women from being in abusive relationships or ban stupidity (and I am not saying women in abusive relationships are stupid, I am referring to stupidity in general) .

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First Bell: District employees to receive bonuses during holiday season; Raintree Montessori student lands art in KDHE calendar; First Bell on winter break

I hear way many more people complaining about teachers then teachers complaining themselves. It amazes me how teachers have one of the most important jobs in our society, yet are vilified in so many ways.

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Regents want KU to raise admission standards

KU wastes a lot of resources on students who are not prepared academically. These resources includes advisers, classroom space, instructors, admissions reps, counselors, etc. Raising standards will not deny people access to higher education. If there is any doubt, they can start off at a junior college or other college and then transfer their credits to KU.

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