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State officials will tour Lawrence as part of Farm to School celebration

.....maybe Sam should send them to a school where more of the children will be affected by the loss of food stamps.

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Moran part of bipartisan effort to pay military if government shuts down

Maybe the more significant news is that Sen Pat Roberts is part of the small cabal supporting Sen. Cruz in his attempts to actually shut down the government this weekend, thus making Roberts, at one time considered a moderate, one of the most extreme conservatives, not unlike Rep. Huelskamp.

It is funny that Sen. Moran is picking winners and losers if the government shuts down as a way to put lipstick on this horrible situation. I guess the elderly on social security do not count.

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

It is amazing how the Haters are now worried about Hate speech. Satirical is example number one.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

I am beyond appalled that the Chancellor and KU administration are rolling over on a professor about a comment uttered in a private manner in a non-classroom setting.

If the university is serious about maintaining its membership in the AAU, they also need to be prepared to respond to the American Association of University Professors. KU will be in hot water based on this action.

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Redesigning Eisenhower Memorial could cost $17M

I usually like Gehry's creations, but I agree with the Eisenhower family on this one.

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Brownback to lead delegation to China

Oh, the damage he could do.....

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Leadership Kansas members gather in Lawrence

Oh God, give me a break.

"Leadership Kansas" was a program invented and administered by the Kansan Chamber of Commerce before that organization went to the hard right. At that time it was a good program.

The Kansas Chamber has since become totally controlled by the Koch's and acolytes.

It is laughable that these participants show up in Lawrence, and pose for a group photograph on the KU basketball court, in an effort to promote "quality," at the same time the Kansas Chamber supports a tax plan which will harm in significant fashion the quality Kansas higher education, and public education, and which has been judged independently by national experts from both directions immediately as "the worst state tax plan in the nation."

Hint to those people who still want to participate in "Leadership..." anything. Read up. The people who invented "Leadership Kansas" (and other leadership programs) are not in charge. Mr. Federico, you are not originally, but are now, a big part of the endemic problem.

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At Ann Romney speech, Kansas delegates cause a stir

The Code Pink people are not voting for a nominee for President. Big difference.

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At Ann Romney speech, Kansas delegates cause a stir

Is this Halloween? How embarrassing.

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Where is your common sense in judging tax payers?

What Katara said.

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