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True religion?

reciprocate imbecility?

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Man displays gun during disturbance in downtown Lawrence

Too bad no law abiding, conceal & carry, gun-toting cowboy wasn't handy nearby to "stand his ground" right through that hooligan's head.

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Man displays gun during disturbance in downtown Lawrence

If he has a ccw license, he could just claim he was standing his ground, right?

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Pastor in Kansas wants Government to Kill Gays

Pastor Knapp has no idea how sexy he sounds when he get's all Bible-righteous.

I don't know nuthin bout no baby-holocaustin', but THIS child of Sodom can sure feel the fire all the way down in my throbbin' brimstones! Yowzah!

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Sinking ship?

Demand drives job creation, true.

However, uber-wealth also drives job creation.

After all, only the uber-wealthy have the cushion to ignore economic principles, and create more supply in the absence of demand.

You see.. trickle-down, supply-side econ works great.... you just have to go all the way. You can't halfass it.

We're almost there. Just a little more disparity in wealth distribution should do the trick for sure. I would say if about 95% of the nation's wealth were held by, oh, 0.02%, then we'll be on the fast track.

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True religion?

METAPHOR, noun -- a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance.

LITERALISM, noun -- the disposition to take words and statements in their literal sense.

FUSSBUDGET, noun -- a fussy or needlessly fault-finding person.

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Anti-crime also anti-justice

Another Pitt's article.

Queue slanderous Pavlovian drool.

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Not so friendly

haha! Are they the same darn kids who won't get off your lawn?

Don't be such a crusty old fart.

Also, add "impede" and "nuisance" to your vocabulary list for this week.

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Not so friendly

If you're following a bicyclist in a car, and they appear to be taking up a lot of the car lane, keep in mind that they have to be more mindful of parked cars than you do. I've seen a cyclist get "doored" before by somebody getting out of a parked car. Very scary. People can get seriously injured or killed from that.

I've also nearly been hit by cars backing out of parking spaces on Mass. People backing out are much more likely to look and wait for cars than they are for bikes.

And I've seen a bicyclist get hit by a motorist who was doing the "look left, while turning right" maneuver.

And I know of a bicyclist that was hit in a roundabout by an inattentive driver who simply didn't see (or expect) a bike to come through the same way cars do.

And I've seen bicyclists nearly get hit by cars turning right, because the motorist didn't properly look over their right shoulder. Note that in these cases, the bicyclist is right where they should be and has the right-of-way to proceed through the intersection before the car makes it's turn.

Not to excuse bad behavior on a bike, but if there is a "courtesy deficit" between motorists and bicycles, it is overwhelmingly on the side of motorists.

This is because bicyclists in KS are generally not seen as 1st class citizens of the public roadways. I imagine this stems from Kansas being so spread out, and the ubiquitousness of cars as the de facto mode of transportation.

That being said, more bikes on the road is a welcome trend in my book. It means less traffic congestion, less pollution, more exercise, and in my opinion, riding a bike is just way more fun than driving a car.

More bike lanes (on the streets that are wide enough for them) and "sharrows" (for narrower streets) help to identify cyclists as 1st-class citizens of the public roadways, which leads to more respect, and better adherence to traffic guidelines, and a higher degree of safety for both motorists and bicyclists.

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Legislature approves budget; tax cuts at center of dispute

think you wanted "viable" (capable of working successfully), and not "violable" (that which can be violated).

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