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Letter: Reform needed

m'kay, LO. Let's start with Medicaid.

What did families do with disabled who suffered developmental disabilities in the days before Medicaid?

Show me just how well capitalism and charity were able to care for this neglected part of society who were incapable of participating in normal economic activity.

Next... we'll repeat the exercise with the elderly and Social Security.

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Huelskamp booted from House Budget, and Agriculture committees

"All the time and energy I would otherwise have to spend to convince conservatives that these gentlemen would be a problem for the GOP has been spared. They've proven it themselves."

I love how this guy points to the _leadership_ of the GOP as being the problem for the GOP.

When I was put into detention in 6th grade, I was absolutely certain that my teacher was the problem... not me.

If only my upper lip was as stiff as the tea partiers. I could have started a revolution of 6th graders. We could have taken over the school.

Unfortunately, I matured and became an adult, and my golden opportunity was missed.

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Huelskamp booted from House Budget, and Agriculture committees

Seriously Fred?

Democrats could use piles of cash to either wipe their butts or set set on fire, and either would be money better spent than trying to get a Democrat elected in the 1st district.

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Opinion: GOP should let Obama go over cliff

I'm calling "check" on the GOP. If we go over the cliff, then it's "mate".

"Why", you ask? I'm glad you did.

1. An overwhelming majority of Americans will blame the Republicans for going over the cliff.

2. Once *everybody* gets slapped with tax increases and sequestration, then the whining and screaming is *really* going to reach a fevered pitch.

3. That fevered pitch will be the fuel that Democrats need when they introduce "emergency" legislation when congress reconvenes next year.

And it's at that point, after the taxes have already been raised... that Republicans will find themselves having to support Democrats proposals for tax reductions for everybody except those making over 250K.

In the end, if we go over the cliff, Democrats will end up with cuts in defense *and* the middle class tax cuts *and* very likely, similar measures that will get passed to "fix" the damage done by going over the cliff.

If we go over the cliff, the Republicans just lost *all* of their bargaining power, instead of the sliver they are clinging to today.

But, they are still in check right now. In order to save face and maintain a shred of credibility among the public, they will have to avoid going over the cliff. And right now, they have to eat a bit Democrat sandwich, and raise taxes on the wealthy in order to do that.

Goodbye 20th century, supply side GOP. It was nice knowing you.

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Opinion: Obama overreaching on tax plans

"Liberals’ strenuous objection to vouchers is that vouchers, as the functional equivalent of cash, empower individuals to make choices."

Um... no. Liberals' objections to vouchers for senior care is that in the system proposed by Ryan, the value of the vouchers would consistently lag behind the project rising costs of health care, thus making them insufficient in maintaining current standards of quality.

it's called thinking things through, George. You do it with your head, not your gut, and it leads to something called "information", which is crucial to making what are known as "informed decisions".

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Letter: GOP concern

So now the "kneejerk rightwing reaction" is the fault of "you on the left"?

Isn't it the knee's responsibility not to be a jerk?

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How to Stop a Massacre

leave it to idiots.

psycho goes on a rampage with multiple illegal weapons, kills a dozen people and injures 5 dozen more.

and the idiots would have you believe it's because of... wait for it.... too much gun control.

riddle me this idiots, since we're all about living in hypothetical worlds today....

how many mass murders by psychotics have been prevented because the psychos couldn't get their hands on a butt load of highly lethal weapons?

if you're going to keep your heads lodged way up inside your hypothetic-holes, why not explore the space a little?

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If Obamacare is Constitutional then....

bingo bea.

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Obamacare Doomed! Here's the Loophole that Anyone Can Exploit!

Damn pesky gov't and their laws that prevent hospitals from turning away people who need emergency care! If only we didn't have that stupid law.... if only hospitals could pick and choose exactly what level and quality of care they wanted to provide.... expensive care for those with money... inexpensive care for those with less.... no care for those with none.... if only we could treat health care like some stupid piece of crap electronic that we hang on our living room walls... then the free market would take care of itself, and all would be right with the world.

Liberty_One -- providing discount lunacy for 6 years and counting.

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Man displays gun during disturbance in downtown Lawrence

1) Who do you think legally owned the handgun prior to the perpetrator? How did it get into his hands? Is there any way that opposition to gun control leads to fewer circumstances like these?

2) Suppose the perpetrator was brandishing a legally owned handgun, and owned a CC permit. Would he have been in his legal rights then? Don't you think stand your ground laws blur the line between "legally brandishing a firearm" and "illegally brandishing a firearm"?

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