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Neighborhood pool acts as a 'community within a community'

I taught school on the east side for 30 years. This neighborhood doesn't have much. This is so important for them. I applaud Missi.

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City manager forecasting increase in city's general fund property tax rate for 2014 budget

Property taxes are to high yet we keep spending on some things that are not needed. With Brownback's budget property tax is going up further. I voted against the library and the school bond because I see what's coming down the road.

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Garden Calendar: Water teepees provide early start for tomatoes

I always thought the earliest tomato was a waste of time. They usually plant Early Girl which is the worst tasting tomato there is.

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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

Thanks Frank

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Bill would allow open carry of firearms in the Kansas Statehouse, according to a Lawrence legislator; measures now go to Senate

More people carrying concealed weapons in more places does not make me feel safer. Quite the opposite.

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Sound Off: Compost sale

Is this compost safe? I always wonder about pesticides and such from peoples lawn clippings that go into the compost.

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KU, Lawrence schools closed; a list of other closings, cancellations for Tuesday

Anyone know about trash pick up for Tuesday? Thanks.

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Hello, I am a teacher...and I am a thug

Thanks so much for your letter. I am a retired teacher and have experienced exactly what you are saying. There are many that don't get it and never will. They will continue to vote against their own self interests out of fear and ignorance.

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Letter: GOP concern

As a democrat I have always appreciated Sandy Praeger's work and integrity. It's a shame we can't find more people on both sides with her compassion for all Kansans.

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