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Burger King on Sixth Street hopes to open within eight weeks; more details on proposed rental inspection program

That's too bad, the dining area of the newer 6th Street Burger is so minimalist, sterile, and impersonal; like an old, school cafeteria lunchroom.

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Hensley wants Brownback to speed Court of Appeals nomination

Predicting he will release the names August 29th at 5PM.

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Editiorial: Big Brother

I don't understand how it is functionally different than taking a fingerprint, it's another method of identification (around for 50+ years) which is probably even less invasive than fingerprinting, at least you don't get gunk all over your fingers.

If the only argument against it is slippery slope leading to a potential future overreach of a non-DNA related collection method than it is a pretty weak argument. Like the "well, if you're going to allow gay marriage then next you'll have to allow polygamy and inter-species marriage" crowd.

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Knology changes its name to WOW!; lifts usage caps on Internet service

According to the google cached Kansas Knology page, previously under Knology:

Bronze = 3 MB downstream, 1 MB upstream, data allotment 5 GB

Silver = 18 MB downstream, 2 MB upstream, data allotment 50 GB

Palladium = variable downstream and upstream, data allotment unlimited

So with the usage caps removed if you don't mind the slower speeds, you could downgrade to bronze.

One would imagine eventually it will be switched over to WOWs 4 tier internet pricing

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Turnpike leader Johnston is leaving

Hmm, former legislature, years of government service at the head of a competent government agency, maybe Johnston should run for Governor.

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Regal chain buys Lawrence's Hollywood Theaters; speculation begins on whether upgrade is in the future

That's good, I recently went to an Imax showing of Skyfall in Olathe and it was CRAZY how much better everything was at their theater, such comfortable chairs, better concessions, etc.

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Documentary film crew to do interviews in Lawrence for veterans project

I watched the first half of it this weekend, it is excellent so far.

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Lawrence Public Library provides fun and discounts for big move

Meeting space, computer lab, and a small selection of core reference materials and popular items. If you want something else not available at the satellite location, you can order it and have it be sent over from the main library and put on hold at any branch location.

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Knology set to drop WGN, RFD TV and other networks from cable lineup; Baker files plans for $1.2 million wetland education center; study finds Lawrence has among the lowest development fees in the region

My father is going to be really annoyed he watches RFD TV all the time, he had already been thinking about dropping some channels, this might convince him to just switch companies entirely.

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Town Talk: Downtown Italian restaurant set to open today; sad tale of how Lawrence Hereford House led to crime; city to recycle unwanted trash cans on Friday

Renovations are still ongoing as of yesterday when I passed by there, it is at 918 Mass, Chutney's

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